Who Was Benjamin Mauck? Top Tennessee Hand Surgeon Shot Dead in His Exam Room by Patient Waiting Outside Clinic for Hours

After firing the handgun, the gunman fled from the clinic but was soon arrested by the police without any resistance a mere five minutes after fatally shooting Mauck.

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A top Tennessee hand doctor was shot dead on Tuesday by a patient in his examination room in what police believe is a "targeted attack." Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Mauck was killed at the Campbell Clinic in Collierville, Memphis, by one of his patients who waited at the clinic for "several hours" before shooting him.

The identity and the age of the shooter along with the possible motive have not been revealed by the authorities. Reports suggest that the person was seen walking back and forth at the facility prior to shooting dead the doctor. Police said that an investigation is ongoing and more details will be shared later on.

Shot Dead in Cold Blood

Benjamin Mauck
Benjamin Mauck Twitter

Dr. Mauck, 43, was remembered as an exceptional physician. Numerous patients, praising his compassion, humor, and intelligence, credited him with saving their lives through his essential medical contributions.

He is survived by his spouse and two young children.

According to reports, the patient waited in the clinic for Mauck and then fired his weapon when the two were in the examination room.

"'It's bad. It's horrific. It's terrible. This appears to be a one-on-one interaction that occurred within an exam room. This was not a mass shooting situation," Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane said at a press conference, adding that the shooter spared the "many" patients and employees that were in the clinic.

"It was in an exam room ... It was a healthcare worker and he was a patient."

After firing the handgun, the gunman fled from the clinic but was soon arrested by the police without any resistance a mere five minutes after fatally shooting Mauck.

According to Lane, the gunman was arrested while in possession of a firearm and subsequently detained by law enforcement.

Mystery Continues

Benjamin Mauck
Benjamin Mauck with his wife Twitter

As per Mauck's clinic biography, he had expertise in performing surgeries related to the elbow, hand, and wrist, and had an impressive patient rating of 4.9. He became a member of the Campbell Clinic staff in August 2012, six years after graduating from the University of Tennessee-Memphis medical school.

Just last week, the surgeon was listed by Memphis Magazine as part of its 2023 Top Doctors List.

"Earlier today, we experienced a single shooter event inside our Collierville clinic. We are shocked and heartbroken to confirm the incident resulted in the tragic loss of one of our highly respected and beloved physicians, Dr. Ben Mauck," Campbell Clinic said in a statement.

"We appreciate our local law enforcement officers who responded within minutes. We will continue to work closely with authorities as this remains an active investigation."

Police are still continuing their investigation to determine the motive behind the shooting. Tennessee Senate minority leader Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) stated that a witness reported the gunman had been making threats toward a staff member at the clinic for a week prior to the incident.

Akbari called for gun reform, suggesting that stricter regulations could potentially prevent individuals like the shooter from obtaining firearms.

"Tragedies like this underscore the urgent need for common sense – like reinstating background checks and gun licenses, and establishing new reforms like an order of protection so police can remove firearms from a person who is threatening others," she said in a statement.

"Whether you're at school, a grocery store or on the job, you deserve to live and work free from gun violence."

The murder comes approximately two years after a deeply distressing mass shooting unfolded within a Korger supermarket in the same town.

During that incident, Uk Thang, a vendor who had recently been terminated, tragically took the life of one employee and caused injuries to 12 others before taking his own life. The community was profoundly affected by this devastating event.

This article was first published on July 12, 2023