Who Is Virginia Pinto? Mistress Caught Kissing Married Maryland Cop Is Army Veteran Mom-of-Two Who is Unapologetic as Fling Is Going on For Two Years

Pinto told The New York Post that her relationship with Marlett, the now-suspended Prince George's County Police officer, "was not a one-night stand."

The woman who was caught romping with a married Maryland police officer inside a patrol car has claimed that "she's 'done nothing wrong" even in the face of fury from the officer's wife. Virginia Pinto was seen on Monday making out with uniformed police officer Francesco Marlett, 34, inside his police cruiser.

Marlett's wife Paula Marlett has expressed her extreme fury after the viral footage of the incident. Marlett has been suspended by the Prince George's County police department. However, Pinto, who like Paula is black, remains unapologetic and says that she was attracted to white men. The father of her teenage son is also white, she told the New York Post.

Without a Care

Virginia Pinto
Virginia Pinto claims she has "done nothing wrong" Twitter

Pinto told The New York Post that her relationship with Marlett, the now-suspended Prince George's County Police officer, "was not a one-night stand."

"That's the main story — that this isn't a little thing," she said, adding: "Of course, since he's a police officer, it looks bad. But I just want people to understand that this was not a one night stand."

Pinto, who is an Army veteran, said that she and Marlett had been in a relationship for two years, and she claimed that his wife was aware of their ongoing affair. "What's so exciting? He's a cop. I'm a civilian. We got caught. It sucks, but this will pass," she said.

Paula Marlett
Francesco Marlett's wife Paula Marlett lashed out at Virginia Pinto after watching the video of the two making out Twitter

"I'm living my life. I have children. I'm sure, as you guys know, I have a 15-year-old autistic boy. His father was caucasian. I guess I have a thing for caucasians."

In the 47-second video, Pinto and Marlett were seen passionately kissing near his car, which was parked in close proximity to Oxon Hill High School. The two then entered the back seats of the car and remained there for approximately 40 minutes before leaving separately.

Pinto said that she isn't ashamed of what happened. "In my head, I've done nothing wrong," she said. "I'm going to continue living my life, doing what I'm doing.

Francesco Marlett
Francesco Marlett seen kissing Virginia Pinto while in his uniform Twitter

"In my heart, in his heart, I know that I've done nothing. He knows. Paula knows. I've done nothing wrong. God is my higher power."

Pinto acknowledged that the incident may have appeared questionable but stressed that she and Marlett were in a committed relationship, and it was not a casual encounter.

Complicated Relationship

Pinto was first identified by Marlett's wife, Paula, who told her to "rot in hell b—h" in a fiery Facebook post on Wednesday morning.

Francesco Marlett
Francesco Marlett Twitter

This came shortly after Francesco was suspended from the police department. The department launched an investigation into his conduct after the video went viral.

Marlett's wife also accused Pinto on Facebook of being a home-wrecker, but Pinto responded by telling The New York Post that her lover's marriage was not a happy one.

Pinto also made a claim on Facebook that Marlett's wife was also involved in infidelity, but she declined to elaborate on this allegation when speaking to outlet. "I'm not going to tell you that, come on. I can't tell that to you," she said. "There's no bad guy in all this. We're all the bad guys, I guess.

"From what I read in the reports, allegedly in May he got suspended for domestic violence.

"That should prove right there - ding-ding-ding-ding-ding - maybe something's not great in the relationship.

Virginia Pinto
Virginia Pinto Twitter

"Now people will understand, will see, that no marriage is perfect. He just happens to be a police officer."

Paula, in a text message response, referred to her husband's mistress as "easy" but also acknowledged that their marriage was facing difficulties.

"Seems like Virginia has a mouthful to give about me when her husband left her dirty ass bc she can't stop cheating and inserting herself into other ppls business,' she texted. 'My husband used her for sex bc she was easy.

"He gave her broken promises so she would give him p****. She's easy. I never put our marriage out there bc like all marriages we hit a rough patch . We get thru everything at the end of the day."

Marlett was awarded a Bronze Medal of Valor from the Prince George County police department in 2021. This recognition typically signifies that the officer was involved in an act of bravery or valor that involved putting himself at "unusual personal risk" in the line of duty. However, the specific details of what led to Marlett receiving the medal in 2021 are unclear.

Marlett has been suspended from the police force, and this is reportedly his third suspension. The reasons for his suspensions are not provided in the information available.