Francesco Marlett: Maryland Cop Caught Making Out With Scantily-Clad Woman Before Climbing into Back of Patrol Car [WATCH]

Marlett was caught on camera giving the scantily-clad woman a steamy kiss before joining her in the back of his squad car.

A Maryland police officer appears to have been seen making out with a scantily-clad woman outside his patrol vehicle before the two got into the backseat of the automobile together in a park. Officers from the Prince George's County Police have opened an investigation after becoming aware of the video.

The police department has identified the officer as Francesco Marlett. In 2016, he was suspended following allegations that he had beaten a 3-year-old child to the point of unconsciousness, as reported by Fox 5 DC. The cop with a checkered past has since been suspended from his duty till the investigation lasts.

Sex on Duty

Francesco Marlett
Francesco Marlett seen kissing a scantily-clad woman while in his uniform Twitter

Marlett was caught on camera giving the scantily-clad woman a steamy kiss before joining her in the back of his squad car.

"His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues," the department tweeted Tuesday evening after previously announcing an investigation had been launched into the video.

In the lewd video uploaded to Instagram and TikTok, a police officer with a shaved head is seen giving a woman wearing a small dress a long, passionate kiss while angrily grabbing her behind.

The woman is then seen touching Marlett's head. Following this, the woman proceeds to move toward the back of the car, with the officer's arm around her.

She then opens the car door before getting inside, as the officer joins her. This footage was first posted on TikTok on Monday night and has garnered over two million views. The poster wrote: "Pg cops don't care."

Francesco Marlett
Francesco Marlett seen making out with the woman Twitter

Children can be heard and seen running in the vicinity of the couple.

In Public View

The men recording the interaction were heard speaking back and forth in Spanish, with one person appearing to refer to the officer as an "animal," and another exclaiming "Ayy, yo!" as they watched the two romping.

Francesco Marlett

"Johnny Sins wildin on the job," the caption read, referring to a famously bald porn star.

One says: "Look! Look! He's taking her to the car!"

Another adds: "He's an animal, the bald cop!"

The video seems to have been filmed at Carson Park, which is located right next to Oxon Hill High School, as reported by ABC 7News.

The video has garnered thousands of comments from social media users, with many calling for the officer to be dismissed from his position.

"This needs the "you about to lose your job" sound," said one TikTok user.

Francesco Marlett
Francesco Marlett seen entering the car with the woman Twitter

"Should've called the cops... oh," wrote another user.

"Meanwhile a lil old lady somewhere getting robbed or worse," a third user added.

In 2016, Marlett was suspended without pay after being indicted for second-degree child abuse, stemming from allegations of physically assaulting his girlfriend's child.

Marlett was reportedly watching over the child while his girlfriend was preparing dinner.

According to allegations, when the child wet the bed, Marlett allegedly spanked him to the point where the child's head struck the wall, causing him to lose consciousness.

The exact nature of the relationship between Marlett and the woman remains unclear, cops said.