Who is Tayler Ryan? Scantily Clad Women Seen in Photographs with Wayne Rooney are Instagram Model and Her 2 Friends

Tayler Ryan and her friends Elise Melvin and Brooke Morgan, all 21, were the three women who were allegedly invited by Rooney who had a wild party till the early hours of Sunday.

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The semi-naked women pictured in a hotel room with former England football star are a Snapchat model and her two friends, according to reports. Tayler Ryan and her friends Elise Melvin and Brooke Morgan, all 21, were the three women who were allegedly invited by Rooney, 35, and reportedly partied till the early hours of Sunday, according to The Sunnewspaper.

The former Manchester United star since has complained to police that he was "set up" after social media was flooded with images of their night-out. In one of the photos doing the rounds on social media, Rooney is seen fast asleep on a chair with a scantily clad woman on a bed in the background. The women in question have now been identified as Ryan and her two friends.

Wild Night

Tayler Ryan with Rooney
Tayler Ryan seen with Wayne Rooney in one of the photos Twitter

According to the Sun, friends of the three scantily clad women told the outlet that Rooney along with his friends had invited Ryan, Melvin and Morgan to his VIP booth at the exclusive Chinawhite club for "probably the wildest night of their lives." However, they confirmed that it was just a wild night and there was no sexual contact.

One of the photos on social media show the England striker asleep in a chair, while the girls stripped to their underwear in the room of the luxury Manchester hotel on Saturday night. One of the women is also seen flashing her bottom next to Rooney and then posting the photo with the caption: 'Mooney Rooney'.

Tayler Ryan
Tayler Ryan Instagram

One of the friends told the Sun: "The girls were out celebrating a pal's birthday. They love Chinawhite and are always there but couldn't believe their luck when they were invited over — they were stunned. They spent a couple of hours with him and his pals there before they moved on."

However, it is not known how the contact was established between Rooney and his friends and the three women — Ryan, Melvin and Morgan.

Too Hot to Handle

Elise Melvin
Elise Melvin Instagram

However, it is believed that Wooney passed out or feel asleep after sometime when the three women started taking the photos and then captioned them and posted it online. In another photo one of the girls is seen making a peace sign next to the football star while the other is seen lying on the bed in her underwear.

They titled the picture "Sleepy Wayne". Yet another photograph shows one in a G-string jokingly baring her bum next to the star's head, with the caption "Mooney Rooney".

Footage also circulated on social media showing her strut over to him before bending over his face.

Who are the Girls?

Not much is known about Melvin and Morgan except that they are friends of Ryan, who is a Snapchat model believed to be from Cambria. She also has over 13,000 Instagram followers and another 60,000 on TikTok.

According to the Sun, there is little else known about Ryan, but her mum Angela, 43, told the outlet that she is "a good girl from a decent family".

Tayler Ryan
Tayler Ryan Instagram

That said, Rooney is furious and has complained to police alleging that he was "set up." Rooney, who is married to his childhood sweetheart Coleen and is a dad of four, now wants an investigation.

Rooney's legal team would not confirm what complaint was made, although it is understood that the former England star fears he has been 'set up'.

Rooney was out partying hours after Derby lost 2-1 away to Salford in a pre- season friendly. It also comes after sources claimed he was going to "quit alcohol" to save his marriage after a series of scandals while playing for DC United in the States.

Rooney is currently busy preparing his Derby side for the new Championship season, which kicks off in a fortnight's time.

This article was first published on July 26, 2021