Shocking Video Shows Moment 'Drunk' Richard Sherman Tries to Break into Father-in-Law's Home and Hurls Abuses

According to reports, Sherman had downed two bottles of liquor before creating this scene. He was arrested and later released.

A home surveillance video footage shows NFL star Richard Sherman violently throwing his 6-feet-3-inches and 200-plus pound body into the front door of his father-in-law's home as he tries to break into the house. Sherman can also be heard hurling abuses as he says, "Come through, b***h."

The incident took place at his father-in-law Raymond Moss's Redmond, Washington home on Wednesday. Sherman rang the doorbell to the Redmond, Wash. house and tried to open the door, and became visibly frustrated at not getting in.

Venting Out Frustration

Richard Sherman
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The video footage shows the 33-year-old ringing the doorbell to the Redmond Washington house and trying to open the door. However, as the door does open or no one comes to open it, he is seen visibly frustrated at not getting in.

"Come through," the former Seattle Seahawks and 49ers cornerback yelled. "Come through, b***h." He then again tries to force himself through the door and keeps banging his 200-plus pound body. "That s**t real cute," he said, before trying to open it again.

According to reports, Sherman had downed two bottles of liquor before creating this scene. He kept on yelling and at one point even threatened to kill himself. However, it isn't known why he was trying to get in forcibly. Following the incident, he was arrested and charged with four misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges: second-degree criminal trespass, third-degree malicious mischief, resisting arrest and driving under the influence of alcohol.

However, he avoided felony charges after initially being booked on domestic-violence burglary.

Sherman's wife called 911 late Tuesday to report that he was being belligerent, had threatened to kill himself and was driving away after drinking two bottles of hard alcohol. "I need officers to my house now," Moss told the 911 operator. "My husband is drunk and threatened to kill himself."

Too Aggressive

It is not known why Sherman got aggressive. He was arrested on Wednesday morning and one of the main reasons behind arresting him as police feared he could take any drastic step at that time. However, it is now believed that he was too much under the influence of alcohol and the aggression was an outcome of that.

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According to police, Sherman had crashed his car in a construction zone around 1:30 am, about half-an-hour before the attempted break-in. Sherman's wife, Ashley, was in the courtroom on Thursday.

"My kids were not harmed in the incident. He's a good person and this is not his character," Ashley told the Seattle Times. "I want people to know no one was injured."

Moss later told investigators that during the incident, the NFL star partially broke in the door. He also said that they got nervous and panicked as Sherman yelled at them. "I told him to stop. I armed myself with my handgun at this time fearing for the safety of myself and my family," Moss told authorities when Sherman was arrested.

During Thursday's hearing - which Sherman was not required to attend - a judge agreed to release him on his own recognizance because this was his first offense.