Shocking Video Shows England Fan Snorting Unknown Substance Believed to be Coke Ahead of Euro 2020 Final

In the 11-second clip shared on Twitter, those watching the man can be heard eagerly waiting for him to consume the unknown substance.

A video of an England supporter snorting an unknown substance, which many believe to be coke, ahead of the Euro 2020 final has gone viral. The unnamed fan of Three Lions was filmed outside the stadium snorting the unknown substance in the presence of hundreds of other supporters.

The video, which made its way to Twitter, is now being widely circulated and comes after fans created chaos in London in the build-up to the historic match between England and Italy. England, however, lost the finals in a tie-breaker.

Was it Coke?

Man snorting coke
An England fan snorting unknown substance believed to be coke Twitter

England fans caused chaos both in and outside the stadium, ahead and after the match. The extent of the violence inside Wembley Stadium ahead of Euro 2020 final clash with Italy has was revealed in a series of sickening videos but this video seems to stand out.

In the 11-second clip shared on Twitter, those watching the man can be heard eagerly waiting for him to consume the unknown substance. He is then seen snorting it as those watch him cheer and laugh. Although it isn't known what substance it exactly was but social media users have been claiming that it was coke.

This has raised serious questions on hooliganism England fans created ahead and even after the finals. It is also not known from where he bought the substance or if he was carrying it. Since his identity isn't known, authorizes also don't know if he is a drug addict and was doing drugs ahead of the all-important finals.

Unruly Crowd

The unknown fans couldn't be traced and disappeared among the unruly crowd. The Euro 2020 final saw chaotic scenes across London with fights breaking out among England fans outside Wembley, while Leicester Square was trashed earlier on in the day as thousands of supporters descended on the capital to lap up the atmosphere.

Shocking videos on social media showed revelers throwing bottles and cones, and breaking windows, while litter was strewn across the popular landmark.

Also, after England lost the finals, brawls broke out inside the stadium, and punches were thrown in every direction, videos show. As most of the violence erupted near the fire exit, a man in one of the videos could be seen on the ground being repeatedly kicked in the head by several individuals as he tries to cover his head.

The man is repeatedly kicked until a group of stewards are able to intervene and pull the man to safety. Before the match in one video, one man could be seen lighting a flare wedged in his bum, while another stripped naked to mark the occasion.

Police who were active all throughout also had a tough day managing the unruly crowd who vandalized a lot of property across London.

England fans attacking Italian fans Twitter