Who is SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man's Girlfriend? Reports Say He's in Relationship with Aespa Giselle's Aunt

SM Entertainment's founder Lee Soo Man has reportedly presented a costly apartment to his alleged girlfriend. He has gifted a Gangnam villa which costs approximately 5 billion KRW (US $4.3 million).

SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man Dating Aespa member Giselle's Aunt
SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man and Aespa member Giselle. Instagram

Who is his Girlfriend?
Rumours are rife that the girl is none other than Aespa member Giselle's aunt. She is a journalist who is a reporter working for a Korean branch of an American broadcast company that also has branches in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong among many other countries.

She is aged 52, which means 17 years younger than him.

Lee Soo Man's personal life has garnered all the attention after he transferred the $4.3 million apartment with an area of 196.42 square meters to her. They are currently living together in the said property.

Are They Married?
He had purchased the flat in 2015 for $3.89 billion and it was transferred to her name in March. "I'm not sure why Lee Soo Man donated his apartment to a reporter. From my understanding, the two have not registered their marriage and did not hold a wedding," Koreaboo quotes an insider as telling to Seoul Economy News.

As per the report, they have been in a relationship for some years now. She had reportedly hosted an event graced by the media mogul, recently.

However, neither Lee Soo Man nor the journalist has given a clarification about the rumours.

Lee Soo-man is known for pioneering the Korean Wave. A singer and record producer is the founder of the multinational entertainment company SM Entertainment based in Seoul. The 69-year old was earlier married to Kim Eunjin, who died of cancer in 2014.

It has successfully created many K-pop groups that include Super Junior, Girls' Generation, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM and aespa.