Kris Wu's Rumoured Girlfriend Lin Xiya Posts Cryptic Message After He Lands in Sexual Assault Controversy

Actor Kris Wu, who was rumoured to be dating Chinese actress Lin Xiya, has shared a cryptic post. Her message is interpreted as a response to the ongoing sexual assault and rape controversy around the actor.

Kris Wu
Kris Wu. Instagram

Lin Xiya's Post
"Seven years, justice? Bring it on." She wrote on Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform. Although she has not said anything directly, netizens say this is her reaction to Kris Wu's current situation where he is facing serious sexual assault and rape allegations.

It is believed that in order to avoid any legal consequence she might have posted a cryptic message.

They were reports of Kris Wu dating Lin Xi Ya between 2012 and 2014. However, neither the former nor the latter had given a confirmation nor clarification about their rumoured affair.

Shocking Allegations
Meanwhile, Kris Wu has denied all the allegations made by one of his alleged girlfriends Du Meizhu. She alleged that the Chinese actor had raped and sexually assaulted over 30 girls that include underage girls.

In an interview, she narrated in detail how he had exploited her and spoke about his modus operandi of luring girls while speaking about her relationship with him.

Is former EXO member Kris Wu a Womaniser?
Kris Wu. Kris Wu Instagram

In addition to it, three women had made cheating allegations against him, just a few weeks ago.

Kris Wu's Reaction
Breaking his silence, Kris Wu stated that he never reacted to the issue earlier since he was fighting it legally. As the attacks have continued against him, he decided to open up about the latest allegation.

"I have only seen Miss Du once, at a gathering with friends on December 5, 2020. I didn't force her to drink, didn't take away her phone, and none of the "details" she described ever happened. There were a lot of people at the gathering that will confirm this!" Koreaboo quotes him as saying on his social media account.

He further added, "I declare, there has never been any so-called "selection of concubines"! No "rape after seduction" "rape using date rape drugs"! No "minors"! If there has been such actions, please don't worry, I'll go to prison myself!! I take legal responsibility for my words above!!"

Nonetheless, the controversy is taking a toll on his career as he is lost a couple of endorsements like Lancome, Kiehl's, Shanghai-based cosmetics Kans and Wuhan-based snack brand Bestore.