Who is Shaun Pinner? Second British Fighter Captured By Russians Paraded on State TV

The Russian forces have captured another British fighter, Shaun Pinner, from the besieged city of Mariupol. Pinner, an ex-British Army soldier, was paraded on a Russian TV channel on Saturday.

He was believed to be serving as a 'contract soldier' with Ukraine forces in their fight against the Russian invasion.

Shaun Pinner
Shaun Pinner Shaun Pinner

'I am Shaun Pinner. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. I was captured in Mariupol," said Pinner on the TV. He looked clean-shaven with no visible wounds.

Pinner Was Fighting in Mariupol For Five to Six Weeks

Pinner revealed that he has been part of the 36th brigade, 1st Battalion Ukrainian Marine and was fighting in Mariupol for five to six weeks.

He participated in the broadcast from the Donetsk People's Republic. His captivity by Russians came after Moscow seized 28-year-old former care worker Aiden Aslin on Tuesday. Aslin was also fighting for Ukraine in Mariupol.

Concerns have also emerged about the safety of the captured fighters who could be treated as spies by Russia.

Pinner Appeared on a military TV channel linked to Andrey Rudenko, who is a war journalist and works closely with the Kremlin. Rudenko had also shot the clip of Aslin.

Russian Investigative Committee Interrogates Pinner

He reportedly told the Russians that 'he doesn't want war and wants to go home'. Russian Investigative Committee is now interrogating Pinner, who has been described as an English mercenary.

According to the committee, Pinner served in the 36th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Marines as a stormtrooper. Pinner's close ones are extremely upset about his captivity and expressed concerns for his safety.

His UK-based friend Jayson Pihajlic revealed that another former comrade has been captured. Pihajlic believes that social media has been the reason for Aiden's safety. 'I hope the same for my brother Shaun Pinner.'

Now Pinner's fate lies in the hands of the Russians and the separatist authorities in Donetsk.

Pinner, 48, has previously served in the Royal Anglian Regiment. He also confirmed that a number of his squad had died in the early days of the war.