FACT CHECK: Video Claims to Show Moment Ukraine Missiles Struck Russian Warship Moskva

A fresh video that emerged on the internet is claiming to show the moment when Russia's Moskva warship was struck by the Ukrainian missiles. The clip claimed to show multiple explosions on the Russian warship.

The footage went viral on Twitter with many users posting the clip on Thursday. Notably, the same day, Moskva sunk in the Black Sea after being struck by two Ukrainian missiles on Wednesday.

Video claims to show moment Ukrainian missiles
The video claims to show the moment when Ukrainian missiles struck Russian warship Moskva Twitter

What Did The Viral Video Show?

The 10-second clip was first posted on Twitter on April 14 by a user named @With_Ukraine. "How "Moscow" burns: a video of the explosion of a Russian cruiser after being hit by a Ukrainian missile was published by the founder of the Azov Regiment, Andriy Biletsky," read the tweet posted by the user.

The fact that a Russian ship was hit by Ukraine missiles was true but there were speculations about the authenticity of the video.

The footage quickly went viral on social media with many mistakenly believing that it showed a Russian warship being sunk into the Black Sea.

Viral Video is Nine Years Old

But it has emerged now that the 10-second clip is part of a longer video posted in 2013, which showed multiple explosions on a Norwegian vessel. The explosions were part of a naval strike missile off the coast of Norway. The Norwegian military was carrying out the testing on a decommissioned frigate.

The original video was posted by South West News Service on YouTube on June 6, 2013, with the title 'Norwegian Navy Test Missile Strike'.

"This is the dramatic moment a ship is blown up to demonstrate a powerful new missile. The Norwegian armed forces took a decommissioned frigate out into the sea for a game of target practice. They then fired the new 'Joint Strike Missile' at the vessel with pinpoint accuracy, causing a huge explosion and major damage to the vessel," read the caption of the video.

The 10-seconds viral video is the edited version of the Norwegian military testing video.

The viral video has been cropped to make look like it was shot from a cell phone and is also a mirror image of the original, according to Lead Stories.

The video claims to show the moment when Ukrainian missiles struck the Russian warship Moskva.