Russian State TV Says World War III Has Begun After Moskva Sinking; Wants Putin to Use Nuclear Weapon

Russian state TV propagandist Olga Skabeyeva has claimed that World War III has now started after Ukraine hit Moscow's warship Moskva in the Black Sea. Rossiya 1 presenter Skabeyeva claimed that the 'escalation' could 'safely be called World War Three', claiming that 'we are definitely fighting against... NATO itself'.

Skabeyeva stuck to the Kremlin's official line that the warship suffered a 'fire' despite heading a segment that blamed the vessel's demise on Ukraine, according to the Daily Mail.

Olga Skabeyeva
Olga Skabeyeva Twitter

Skabeyeva's Panel Expert Suggests Russia to Use Nukes

Some experts had also joined Skabeyeva's chat show, claiming that Moskva's sinking will be the absolute cause of a more intense war. Experts also vowed that there has to be a response to the vessel's sinking even they suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin use nuclear weapons on Kyiv to 'bomb them once and that's it'.

Skabeyeva even went on to say that ordinary people in Ukraine are not mentioning any genocide. She also claimed that Kharkiv residents are accusing Ukrainian armed forces of genocide, not the Russian troops.

Last night, another Russian state TV show Vremya Pokazhet claimed that the West was supplying a massive number of weapons to Ukraine and that, at the suppliers bidding, Kyiv was carrying 'yet more provocations, bloody, horrible, completely unthinkable'.

Olga Skabeyeva
Olga Skabeyeva Twitter

Olesya Loseva, the host of the show, claimed that the West wants all Russians to be simply wiped off the face of the earth'.

False Claims

The host continued to make false claims stating that Ukrainians were delighted to see Russian troops in their country. She maintained that civilians were waving the Russian tricolor and treating Putin's troops as real liberators in Kharkiv.

Another state-run Channel 1 ran remarks of military commentator Dmitry Drozdenko, who claimed the Western powers have long been preparing for the war. The expert also made claims that Moscow faces 'a full-scale multi-level war' against the 'collective West'.

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