Who is Shane McInerney? Anti-mask Football Coach Pulls Down his Pants, Hits Passengers in Delta Flight from Dublin

Shane McInerney, a football coach, allegedly assaulted cabin crew members and fellow passengers on a Delta flight from Dublin to New York after he was asked to wear a mask. McInerney, who was on his way to Florida to take up a job at a football academy, also exposed his butt by pulling down his pants and underwear.

In a complaint unsealed on Wednesday, the Galway resident was charged with intentionally assaulting and intimidating a member of a flight crew on Delta Flight 45 on January 7.

Shane McInerney
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Mclnerney Assaulted Fellow Passengers On the Flight

According to the Daily Mail, the complaint stated that despite several requests from the crew members, McInerney refused to wear a face mask. If convicted, the Irishman who was released on a $20,000 bond, will face up to 20 years in federal prison.

It was also reported that Mclnerney, who was travelling in the economy seat, forced his entry into the first-class to complain to a flight attendant about his food. It was only when he was being taken back to his seat, the accused pulled down his pants and underwear and exposed his ass to the flight attendants and the passengers in first class, the complaint states.

The complaint also revealed that during the flight, McInerney threw an 'empty beverage can' which hit the head of another passenger on the plane.

The outlet reported that when the pilot of the flight went inside the cabin to speak and calm McInerney, he took off his cap and placed it on the pilot's head, twice, before removing it. He also allegedly raised a fist to the pilot's face and said: 'Don't touch me,' the complaint said. It was also stated that McInerney kicked the seat of the passenger sitting in front of him.

McInerney Caught Chilling on Beach

Towards the last leg of the journey as the flight began its descend to JFK International, the Irishman refused to listen to flight attendants' requests to remain seated with his seat belt fastened and stood in the aisle. "At least one passenger found the defendant's conduct to be scary," an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit.

On his Instagram page, McInerney describes himself as an "Irish lad who has a huge passion for travel, former professional footballer, a coach, qualified personal trainer and kicker.

In an Instagram post made on January 16, McInerney is seen relaxing on the beachside with a drink in his hand. "Great to be back in the sunshine state. Blessed to call this place home for the next few months," he captioned the post.

The Conan Daily reported that McInerney played professional soccer in Australia with Dandenong Thunder SC, and in Sweden with FC Linköping City. Last year he joined the football team of Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska as a place kicker. He scored nine out of nine field goals. In October 2021, he was in Omaha, Nebraska, reported the outlet. Earlier, he worked as an academy soccer coach in Chicago, Illinois, USA.