Who is Devonne Marsh? Black Man Sets Pregnant Girlfriend Carrying Twins on Fire; Douses Her With Lighter Fluid

A pregnant woman, carrying twins, was set on fire by her boyfriend, Devonne Marsh. The unnamed woman was discovered by the Detroit police with severe burns and unable to move.

The 42-year-old man was arrested and charged with kidnapping/abduction, aggravated/felonious assault and violation of the controlled substance act.

Devonne Marsh
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Marsh Burnt Girlfriend Using Lighter Fluid

Fox2 Detroit reported that the couple was staying at their home off Packard and Outer Drive when the incident took place on Friday. According to the Detroit police, Marsh got into a heated argument with his girlfriend, whose name was not revealed by the authorities. Before setting his girlfriend on fire, Marsh doused her with lighter fluid.

When the police arrived at the spot, they found the 6-and-a-half months pregnant woman lying on a bed in the basement. She had severe burns on her legs and stomach and could barely move, police said.

The outlet reported that the police arrived at the scene after receiving a tip about a woman being tortured and held in a home against her will. The authorities reached the 20000 block of Packard Street at 10.40 pm on January 14.

Marsh Has a Criminal Record

Expressing shock over the incident, Detroit police Cmdr. Michael McGinnis said, "How do you do this to another human being? It's unimaginable,". Just incredibly traumatic injuries. I just can't imagine the pain she must be suffering."

"I want to applaud her for coming forward," Detroit police Sgt. Kyla Williams said. "I want to again let her know that she is not alone. She has the men and women of the Detroit Police Department to support her."

Speaking to the outlet, Heaven of Oakland County CEO Aimee Nimeh, said that initially the woman was scared to come forward. "Fear is part of the relationship and so absolutely there is fear of retaliation. It does feel like in the last several months that demand has come in like tidal wave here," Nimeh said.

Scallywag & Vagabond stated that Marsh, a parole absconder, had warrants out of Macomb County and a pending case in Livonia. He has charges against him pertaining to drugs, guns, and assault.

A bond has been set at $50,000 and Marsh could be freed on bail if he can post 10% of the bond, which is $5,000.