Who is SarahJoe93? Did Mia Khalifa Tweet About Killing Jewish Children Using Alt Account?

Mia Khalifa was born in February 1993 and her birth name is Sarah Joe Chamoun.

A day after pornstar Mia Khalifa posed with a Nazi-era champagne and bashed "apartheid" Israel on Twitter she has been surrounded by controversy after old tweets posted by the Twitter handle @SarahJoe93 went viral on the micro-blogging platform.

British journalist Raheem Kassam took to Twitter on Tuesday to share screenshots of the tweets, in which the unidentified user calls for genocide of Israelis, including children.

'I Hope Hamas Targets Schools and Kills Some of Their Children'

"Israeli propaganda is disgusting. I hope Hamas targets schools and kills some of their children, Save the world from future Zionist scum," the tweet read. The post was from Aug. 3, 2014. In another tweet, posted in July 2014, the user claimed she was "disgusted" by the Jewish race and called them "the scum of the earth."

Khalifa's Birth Name is Sarah Joe Chamoun

Mia Khalifa

Kassam also shared a tweet in which the @SarahJoe93 Twitter account, which has now been made private, posted a photo of Khalifa with a man in July 2014. The photo was accompanied with a screenshot from a previously reported International Business Times article that states that Khalifa's birth name is actually Sarah Joe Chamoun and she was born in February 1993.

Khalifa, who is from Beirut, Lebanon, moved to the United States and joined the adult film industry in October 2014. It seems like the Twitter account @sarahjoe93 belonged to her before she shot to fame as an adult entertainer.

Jack Posobiec of Human Events also pointed out that there is another account named @sarahjoe93 on the image-sharing website theCHIVE but all the posts are images of Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa
SarahJoe93's theChive account has images of Mia Khalifa. theChive.com

Khalifa's Recent Comments on Israel

The pornstar, who has been vocal about her support for Palestinians, took aim at Israel in a series of tweets on Sunday, branding it an "apartheid state" amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

She shared an image of herself as she posed with two bottles of Champagne, one dated 1943 and the other dated 1945. "My wine is older than your apartheid 'state,'" she captioned the post.

The post drew criticism online with some calling her out for mocking the state's young history, and her historical inaccuracy while others accused her of posing with champagne produced in Nazi-occupied France.