The better lesser known facts of Mia Khalifa that will seriously blow you away

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is always in the spotlight due to a variety of reasons, and now she is in it more than ever due to her crusades and movements. She made a name for herself and reached peak popularity and now as she becomes more mainstream, there is more to know about her. Today we are going to explore some new facts and background information we bet you may not know about her.

It may sound insane, considering the crazy following Mia Khalifa has built up, but still, most of her fans are unaware that isn't her real name. Mia's birth name is actually Sarah Joe Chamoun and she was born on February 10, 1993, according to the encyclopedia resource Fanoos. She was born in Lebanon to the parents of Rima and Antoun Chamoun. As a family, they immigrated to Maryland in 2000 from Beirut from her Wikipedia profile. Mia Khalifa then went on to finish schooling at a military school in Woodstock, Virginia before deciding to attend the University of Texas at El Paso. However, she was unable to complete her graduation college education after researching public records of graduation classes from the university.

Based on county marriage records out of Clark County Nevada, it shows she went on to marry her childhood friend, Wyatt O'Brien in 2011 but later divorced him in 2016 according to her IMDB bio. She had changed her name to Sarah Joe O'Brien and has since kept the last name, including in her new marriage to chef Robert Sandberg which she proudly talks about in her social media accounts.

A man had claimed that he and Khalifa were in a relationship in 2012 in El Paso for over a year, and was not aware that she was already married.