Ben Wallace Will Be New UK Prime Minister; Predicts Fortune Teller Jemima Packington Who Foresaw Brexit, Harry And Meghan's Exit From Royal Family

Former Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace will be the new prime minister of the United Kingdom, according to a fortune teller. Jemima Packington, who is dubbed as mystic veg, predicted that Wallace will be the next person in Downing Street after Boris Johnson.

Previously, Packington had accurately predicted Brexit, Harry Meghan's exit from the royal family and Boris Johnson's prime ministership.

Ben Wallace
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Nadine Dorries is Also In The Race

Packington, who predicts the future using asparagus, Nadine Dorries is also in the race and more likely candidate than Penny Mordaunt or Rishi Sunak.

She makes her predictions by tossing spears into the air and interpreting how they land on the ground. Now Jemima says the spears are pointing towards Defense Secretary Ben Wallace to take over as leader, according to The Mirror.

Two Front Runners For The Next UK Prime Minister

Packington stressed that asparagus suggests that there are two front runners for the next UK Prime Minister, Wallace and Dorries.

She pointed out that asparagus is indicating more towards Wallace, who appears to be Tory's choice and has been aggressive over the Ukraine war. But she stressed that there could also be a surprise candidate, speculating Dorries' rise.

"I don't think it will be a bookies favorite who will take over, it could be more of a shock. With Dorries, it could have been her keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, she may well have been playing a game," she said.

The fortune-teller from her method also suggested that Rishi Sunak and David Davies won't be Johnson's successors. Packington has also made predictions about the next cabinet as she noted that Nigel Huddleston, the MP for Worcestershire, will get a key position in the cabinet.

In the scenario of a general election, she predicted that it will be a tough and close fight between the two major parties of the country and also stressed that minority parties will lose seats.

Despite the UK witnessing its almost worst political turmoil,Packington foresaw a strong and growing economy in the UK that can change living standards in the country.

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