BTS Announces Global Concert in Busan; How to Watch, Date, Venue, and More

Here is good news for BTS Army and all the other followers of this K-pop boy band. The seven-member group, consisting of RM, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jin, and Jungkook, are reuniting for a global concert in Busan. HYBE shared the details about the upcoming live onstage performances on Thursday, July 7.

The members of this boy group are getting ready for a global concert in October. The musical event will take place as part of the promotional activities for Busan World Expo 2030. The K-pop idols became the goodwill ambassadors of the expo last week.

RM and his teammates will hold their first act of duty as the official ambassadors of the expo by taking the stage in October. HYBE shared a few details about the upcoming musical event on Thursday.


"BTS is planning to hold a global concert this coming October to spread the word all over the world about the World Expo in Busan", the agency stated.

Meanwhile, HYBE is yet to reveal the date, time, venue, and the other details of the upcoming global concert of BTS. The entertainment agency could share them in the upcoming days.

Goodwill Ambassadors of Busan World Expo 2030

Shortly after HYBE announced the boy band members would take a break from group activities to focus on solo careers, Busan ambassador Park Hyung Jun shared the news about the boy band members' new role as the official ambassador of Busan World Expo 2030.

Hyung Jun said the committee requested BTS' active participation in the promotion, and HYBE accepted their offer. The committee aims to pull a large crowd to the expo with the help of the K-pop boy band's worldwide popularity and fanbase in various parts of the globe.

HYBE later released an official statement confirming the news and explaining the duties of RM and his teammates in promoting the expo. Jimin and Jungkook will be actively involved in the promotional activities as Busan is their birthplace, the firm stated.

BTS members performing during the Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. Twitter

Here is the Complete Statement:

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