Who is Sainikhesh Ravichandran? Indian Student Joins Ukrainian Military to Fight the Russians

Sainikhesh Ravichandran is an aerospace engineering student, who failed to qualify in the Indian Army due to his short height.

A student from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu has joined the International Legion of Ukraine to fight against Russian soldiers. Sainikhesh Ravichandran, 21, joined the Army of Ukraine as he couldn't serve in the Indian Army because of his short height. The news of Ravichandran joining the Ukraine armed forces came to light after intelligence reports were submitted to the Indian federal government.

Reports suggest that the young lad had also approached the US embassy in Chennai to enquire if he fits the eligibility criteria for joining the American Army. But, to his bad luck, he got to know that he couldn't join the US Army either. So, he went to Ukraine in 2018 to take up a professional course at National Aerospace University in Kharkiv. Later, Ravichandran informed his parents that he got a part time job in a video gaming development company.

However, latest intelligence reports reveal that the young Tamil Nadu boy is helping Ukraine in fighting the Russians in what has been dubbed as the third world war.

Who is Sainikhesh Ravichandran?
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The Indian Student Who Joined the Ukraine Army is an Aerospace Engineer

Reports say that Sainikhesh Ravichandran, who is a resident of Subramaniyampalayam in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore, is a student of aerospace engineering.

Ravichandran is now a part of the Georgian National Legion, under the newly launched International Legion called by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is a paramilitary unit comprising of volunteers from different countries except Russians.

Russia-Ukraine war broke out on February 24 after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a special military action in Ukraine.

20,000 Foreign Volunteers Join Ukraine Armed Forces to Fight Against Russians

Well, the Tamil Nadu boy is not the only one that has joined the army in war-torn Ukraine. Nearly 20,000 foreign volunteers have signed their death certificates to fight in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war since March 6, according to English-language Ukrainian media outlet The Kyiv Independent.