Who Is Sabrina Prater? TikTok User's 'Creepy' Videos Fuel Serial Killer Conspiracy Theory on Social Media

Popular TikTok user Sabrina Prater has become the subject of conspiracy theories on social media after netizens pointed out some disturbing elements in Prater's videos.

Prater, 34, from Flint, Michigan is known for posting videos of himself crossdressing and dancing. The TikTok user has garnered millions of views on his videos and has more than 260,000 followers on the platform, where he goes by @sabrinaprater625.

In his TikTok videos, Prater had shared that he enjoyed dressing up as a woman and embracing his feminine side. He has been using TikTok to explore his femininity and rediscover his identity. It is assumed that he has not undergone any gender reassignment surgery but enjoys dressing up in women's clothes from a young age.

Serial Killer Conspiracy Theory

Sabrina Prater
Stills from the videos posted by Sabrina Prater on TikTok TikTok

Many of Prater's fans have raised concerns about the TikToker's videos after noticing the untidy and unkempt surroundings in his videos.

"A thousand videos, all in the same run down house, and he's doing the same shimmy shimmy in every one. Guy needs help, absolutely no doubt," wrote a Reddit user.

Some even alleged that he might be associated with psychopathic crimes, likening him to the character of Buffalo Bill from the 1991 thriller Silence of The Lambs. The speculation stems from one of his videos, in which Prater is seen dancing in front of two computer screens, which netizens believe were relaying a live feed of "girls being held captive" in his basement. Watch the video below:

"Guy on TikTok definitely has people in his basement," wrote one user. "This dude on TikTok going by the @sabrinaprater625 has been making some off content crossdressing in what looks like a run-down abandoned home now it's not that that puts me off it's his mannerisms and the tv behind him in the provided screenshots showing girls being held captive."

Several users even started reporting the video to the FBI, urging the agency to investigate.

Mystery Solved

However, as pointed out by TikTok user @dandydemon, the camera screen in the background of Prater's video appears to be a screensaver running a slideshow of pictures.

According to TikToker @katannaclarke Prater's real name is Franklin Prater and he is the father of three children, whose pictures may have been seen in the slideshow on the computer screen. Prater also owns a construction company, according to his Facebook profile, and recently purchased a house for remodelling, which explains the rundown house in his TikTok videos.