Is Roobet Trafficking Women? Viral TikTok Conspiracy Theory Claims Online Casino is Employing 'Drugged,' 'Missing' Women as Dealers [VIDEO]

Roobet is a virtual gaming website that allows users to gamble with "mostly female" dealers live. However, social media users claimed the women were being "drugged" and being forced to work against their will.

A conspiracy theory claiming that an online casino is involved in human trafficking has gone viral on TikTok after users spotted "drugged" women as dealers, including one who they believe was tied to her chair and another who was reported missing.

In TikTok videos that have garnered a total of more than 20 million views on the platform, TikTok users are claiming Roobet – a virtual gaming website that allows users to gamble with "mostly female" dealers live – is up to something fishy.

Women Seen Struggling to Stay Awake, Fainting While Dealing

Roobet conspiracy theory
Stills from the video posted on TikTok. TikTok

In a video posted by @tythecrazyguy, who has more than 3.3 million followers on the platform, the user shares clips in the background, pointing out that the Roobet website, which is banned for users in U.S., features female dealers who appear to be "suspiciously" tired with some struggling to keep their eyes open while dealing.

The clips have been obtained from footage shared by another user @karlapeoples101, who has an account dedicated to the "online casino conspiracy."

This led many in the comments section to believe that the women were either drugged or being abused. Meanwhile, others claimed they were just being overworked given that the website runs 24/7 or are just bored/tired as there is very little human interaction.

@tythecrazyguy then shared a clip of one of the women passing out live on camera but what he says was was "offsetting" about the incident was that shortly after the dealer fainted, three men came and carrier her out of the camera's view while she's seated in her chair, fueling speculation that she may have been tied to the chair and forcing the women to work against their will.

Users Claim Masked Woman is American Who went Missing in 2011

The video continues with @tythecracyguy questioning why some of the women were wearing face masks and not others. He added that after @karlapeoples101 posted a video of one of the masked women on TikTok, several users claimed she seemed to bear a striking resemblance to Lauren Spierer – a 20-year-old American woman who mysteriously disappeared from Bloomington, Indiana, in 2011. Watch the video below:

Although this is purely speculation and nothing more than just a theory, there are several users who believe the claims need to be looked into. "This actually looks like something that needs to be investigated," wrote one user, while another commented, "Maybe it's banned in the US so no one can recognize the missing girls."

This is not the first time a website has become the subject of a viral human trafficking conspiracy theory. In July last year, online retailer Wayfair found itself at the center of a similar conspiracy theory after users noticed overpriced furniture listed on its website under certain names that co-incided with women that were reported missing, as previously reported.


Thank you @karlapeoples101 for spreading awareness about this… something is VERY off ##conspiracy

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