Who is Richard Michetti? Angry Ex Leads to Capitol Rioter's Arrest

Richard Michetti, a Capitol rioter, was arrested after his 'angry' girlfriend turned him over to the FBI a day after the deadly siege. Michetti, who shot into limelight after he was seen texting during the riots, had called his lover 'moron' when she objected to his theories.

The revelation was made in the court papers unsealed recently. Michetti is charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and obstruction of justice/Congress, as per the criminal complaint on February 17.

Richard Michetti
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Michetti Shared Videos of Capitol Riots With Lover

Michetti, a resident of Ridley Park Pennsylvania, was part of Trump supporters who launched an attack on the Capitol on January 6. The New York Post reported that a night before the attack, Michetti sent several messages to her girlfriend. As per the documents, Michetti wrote: "Gotta stop the vote it's fraud this is our country," in one of the messages sent before the Capitol storming. The accused also shared two videos during the siege which showed the rioters inside the building and a "large interior room" of the Capitol building, the feds claimed.

The 10-page statement of facts revealed that when Michetti's lover tried to oppose his conspiracies related to election fraud, he called her a 'moron'. "If you can't see the election was stolen you're a moron. this is our country do you think we live like kings because no one sacrificed anything?" Michetti wrote, according to prosecutors.

Michetti Claimed Trump Had Won the Elections

In a series of messages later, Michetti also spoke about the left-wing protesters and voter fraud. "The vote was fraud and trump won but they won't audit the votes. We are patriots we are not revolutionaries the other side is revolutionaries they want to destroy this country and they say it openly," he wrote, the documents say.

"When the left banged on the doors of congress when they congratulated for Brett Kavanuagh no one got touched not one of them," he added.

NPR reported that a day after the riots, Michetti's ex-lover reported him to law enforcement agencies and submitted the texts, photos and videos from the riots shared by him.

The court papers claimed that the Michetti was spotted wearing a surgical mask as the crowd attacked the federal building. The FBI showed the pic to the ex, who confirmed it was Michetti, the feds say. Michetti was arrested in mid-February.