Who is Rebecca Kilps? Wisconsin Teacher Accused of Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Student After Husband Discovers Suspicious Texts

A former teacher at Two Rivers High School in Manitowoc County is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Rebecca Kilps, 34, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff.

Kilps Discussed Long Term Future with the Teen

Rebecca Kilps
Rebecca Kilps Twitter/Facebook

On May 23, a detective was contacted by a school social worker about a report of a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

On May 24, the detective received a call from William Kilps, Rebecca's husband. He told the detective that "things have not been good between him and his wife." According to criminal complaint, Kilps' husband discovered suspicious messages between her and the victim on her phone while she was sleeping. In the texts, they talked about a future together and professed their love for each other.

Kilps Had Sex with the Student While Husband was Performing with His Band

Investigators spoke to the teen, who said he met Kilps in Spanish class. During his junior year, he said he would start going to her classroom after school and hanging out. They started private messaging each other. In March, things "escalated and we talked more and said what we shouldn't have," he said.

The victim said they had sex twice on the couch at Kilps' home. Both times were late on a Saturday night while her husband "was with his band performing."

When detectives talked to Rebecca, she said she realized in October 2021 that the victim "meant more than a student should to her but she kept it to herself." During the interview, she admitted to having sex with the victim twice, according to the complaint. She confirmed it happened when her husband was out of the home.

The former teacher told the detective that she hoped after the victim graduated she would end her relationship with her husband.

Kilps Facing 18 Years in Prison

In a news release, the Two Rivers School District announced that Kilps resigned her position last Saturday.

During a court appearance Wednesday, the court set bond at $10,000. The money was posted and Kilps was released from custody. As a condition of bond, she can have no contact with anyone under 18 and cannot have contact with Two Rivers School District. Kilps is facing a maximum of 18 years in prison.