Who is Olivia Ortz? High School Choir Director's Sexual Relation with Female Student Exposed by Husband; Victim Calls it 'Love'

Olivia Ortz, a high school choir director, was arrested for having sexual relationship with a female student. The 26-year-old's illicit affair was reported by her husband to the school administrators at Wilmington Area High School.

Ortz was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual activity with a 17-year-old student. She is being held in the Lawrence County lockup on $150,000 bond. Her next hearing is set for May 25.

Olivia Ortz
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Ortz's Husband Found Lover Letters from Student

WFMJ reported that Ortz's sexual misconduct was exposed after her husband, who freelances with the school's music department, found love messages on her iPad after returning from Florida. On enquiring, Ortz revealed that it was from her female student.

Reportedly, the husband who works on setting up stage events such as plays and musicals in the school, as a contract employee is required under state law to report any sexual exploitation, abuse, or misconduct, reported the outlet.

The teacher's husband approached the school principal, and the duo reported the matter to Childline. The New York Post reported Ortz was suspended, and an arrest warrant was issued against her on Friday. However, instead of turning herself in the same day, she sang in a local concert on Sunday.

Couple Used Spotify Chat to Exchange Messages

As per the reports, the pair exchanged messages using the chat function on Spotify. They even had a code word in case their relationship was exposed. The authorities found over 100 messages between the teacher and her student.

Speaking to the investigating authorities, the victim revealed that she used to visit Ortz when her husband was away. The duo also had sex on multiple occasions. Stating that she was in love with her teacher, the victim revealed that after snuggling on a couch while watching TV, they would have sex in Ortz's bedroom.

Claiming that she considered Ortz to be a safe adult, with whom she could share her personal issues, the victim said that they continued to chat even after their relationship was exposed.

Speaking to the outlet, New Wilmington Police Chief Carmen Piccrillo said, "It's a tragedy for both our victim and her family. It's going to affect their lives going forward for a long time. It's also a tragedy for the school district."

"That's a line that should not and cannot be crossed ever. We cannot have this kind of activity. It's illegal and it's unacceptable," Piccarillo went on to add.