Who is Prince John? Lauren Boebert Suggests He is 'Taxing Americans to Poverty' by Running the Federal Government

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was shamed on social media after she spoke about one 'Prince John' possibly running the federal government while lashing out at the U.S. President Joe Biden. The gun loving Republican's rant led to #PrinceJohn trending on social media.

Boebert appeared on Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News to speak about the issue of high gas prices in the country.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert Wikimedia Commons

Was Boebert Referring to the Dead British Monarch?

During the show, the host Watters referred to an article published in the Wall Street Journal which reported that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan of the the UAE have refused to speak with Biden.

Claiming that the international leaders were not taking the U.S. President seriously, Watters suggested that the country needs to drill for oil in Alaska following ban on import of Russian oil.

Responding to Watters, the Colarado Republican said, "I'm just worried if we are going to call on Alaska to start producing this, is Biden going to want to sell it to the Saudis or Venezuela, and think that's the only way that he will be able to buy oil and gas from Alaska?"

"But, in all seriousness, here's Biden's energy policy: anyone but America. OPEC, Venezuela, you name it, if it's not American energy, Joe doesn't want it," she added.

A stammering Boebert then went on to add, "I say we should be relying on our guys to do the work, not OPEC," she said. "And I don't know who is running the federal government these days, Joe Biden or Prince John from, uhh, uhhhhhh — Prince John, but they are taxing us into poverty."

According to the Royal Central's archives, the House of Windsor had a Prince John who passed away in 1919 at the age of 13 following a prolonged illness. The other known Prince John later became King John of England and ruled from 1199 to 1216.

Prince John Trends on Twitter

Soon the video clip of Boebert talking about 'Prince John' emerged on social media leading a number of users trolling her. "One thing we know for sure: Prince John is smarter than Lauren Boebert. My apologies for that blinding glimpse of the obvious," tweeted a user.

"You know that question they ask when they check you for dementia: "Who is the president of the United States?" Well, US Congressperson Lauren Boebert isn't sure if it's Biden or Prince John. She said so on national TV..." wrote another user.

"Lol she said she has no idea who is running the federal government if it's Biden or Prince john from....Prince John," read a tweet.

"Lauren Boebert said "I don't know who is running the federal government these days, Joe Biden or Prince John." A lot of people are mocking her since there is no Prince John, but I believe that Lauren Boebert is being honest that she does not know who runs the federal government," opined a user.