Ukrainians Selling 'Fully-Functional' Abandoned Russian Tanks on eBay For $400,000? Viral Posts Get Many Takers

Social media was flooded with posts suggesting that Ukrainians are selling used and abandoned Russian tanks on eBay. However, the claim being made through these posts is found to be fake.

The American multinational e-commerce corporation has confirmed that any such sale being done on its website is against company policy.

russian tank
Representational Image/ Twitter

Seller Asking $400,000 For Russian Tanks

The viral image shows a tank listed on eBay, with the details; "Used Russian T-72 tank – Fully functional." It pitches a "Buy it Now" price of $400,000.

Russian tank
Screenshot of the eBay listing of Russian tank has gone viral on social media. Twitter

There were several social media users who fell prey to the viral hoax. "Ukrainians are selling used Russian tanks on eBay," wrote a user.

"Not forgetting the millions they're making from selling abandoned Russian tanks on eBay," tweeted a user as another added, "Are they going to sell that on ebay, saw some tweets earlier about Russian tanks being sold after capturing them."

"I heard you can buy on ebay Russian tanks that were captured in Ukraine I'm not sure if it's true though but I wouldn't mind owning one (I think it's legal), opined another.

"So, how's the bidding going on that Russian tank which appeared on Ebay yesterday?" enquired a Twitter user.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Reuters reported that it was a fake claim. Stating that the photograph used in the listing dates back to 2010 the outlet reported that it did not find the listing, as seen on social media posts, on eBay.

In a communique to the outlet, an eBay spokesperson said that any such listings would go against company policy.

"It is not possible to sell tanks on eBay, as this would breach our Military Items policy, which prohibits even decommissioned military vehicles and weaponry," the spokesperson said.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social media have been flooded with images and videos of abandoned Russian military vehicles. Recently, a group of Ukrainians posted a video after they took control of an abandoned Russian military tank and went on a joyride. "Glory to Ukraine!" yelled one man as he rode on top of the T-80BVM armored battle tank. "We did it," shouted another riding the tank.