Who Is Paris Ow-Yang? OnlyFans Star Downed Herself in Alcohol Over Breakup Before Crashing Her Car into Family Car in Sydney's Suburb

Ow-Yang pleaded guilty to driving four times over the legal limit and was warned by the court that she could face jail time next time.

An OnlyFans model, who crashed her $50,000 Mercedes while being four times over the legal limit, explained that she went out drinking to numb the "pain and hurt" she felt following a breakup. Paris Ow-Yang, 18, crashed her car into a parked Mercedes worth $150,000 in Point Piper, in Sydney's east, at 8:45 p.m. on October 18.

The crash happened after Ow-Yang, trying to cope with the emotional distress from a breakup with nightclub baron Julian Tobias, consumed alcohol for over nine hours. The Downing Centre Local Court was told that Ow-Yang, who had joined OnlyFans on her 18th birthday, began her drinking session at Meat & Co around midday.

Drunk and Almost Dead

Paris Ow-Yang
Paris Ow-Yang X

She continued drinking at a Chinese restaurant and later at a friend's home. After the crash, she registered a blood alcohol content of 0.213. The police noted that Ow-Yang, who held a P2 license, did not have the required P plates displayed on her car.

The legal limit in NSW is 0.05 for full license holders and 0.00 for P-platers.

Paris Ow-Yang
Paris Ow-Yang Instagram

Ow-Yang pleaded guilty to driving four times over the legal limit and was warned by the court that she could face jail time next time.

Ow-Yang appeared in court on Friday wearing a pale blue blazer, matching heels, and white dress pants, accessorized with a large designer Chloe bag. She was accompanied by her father, neurosurgeon Michael Ow-Yang, and her lawyer, Michael Bowe.

During the court proceedings, Bowe described the crash as a "perfect storm," attributing it to Ow-Yang spiraling out of control and struggling to cope with the breakdown of her relationship.

He explained that she had "drowning herself in alcohol", adding: "She was just burying herself in her own depression and issues, hoping the alcohol would disguise the pain and hurt."

Difficult Times

Ow-Yang who began dating 44-year-old Tobias when she was 17 started drinking white wine at 3 pm on October 18. This followed a previous period of partying at her parents' Southern Highlands estate and in Bali.

Paris Ow-Yang
Paris Ow-Yang Instagram

She was warned that her actions had "put you and other people on the road in danger" as she stood before Magistrate Rodney Brender.

According to police records, after her arrest and while in police custody, Ow-Yang "made verbal comments about wanting to die and having no purpose in life."

Bowe told the magistrate that Ow-Yang had completed a traffic offenders program and had refrained from alcohol for at least three weeks. He entered a guilty plea on Ow-Yang's behalf.

Brender convicted Ow-Yang and imposed a two-year community corrections order. Additionally, she was fined $1000 and will be responsible for covering the costs of the two damaged vehicles.

Her license was disqualified for nine months, followed by 24 months with an interlock device, which means her car won't start without a breathalyzer result below the legal limit.