Sara Blake Cheek: OnlyFans Model Claims Florida Community Is Bullying Her Young Family Because of Her X-Rated Career

Cheek is accustomed to facing judgmental glares and rumors that accompany her explicit career, having been barred from attending her children's sporting events in the past.

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An OnlyFans model has alleged that a Florida community has been relentlessly tormenting her young family in a strange intimidation ordeal that has intensified over time. The situation reached a peak recently with an attack occurring at a children's hockey game.

Sara Blake Cheek, 32, who has appeared on the cover of Playboy and ESPN radio, claims that she suffered bizarre bullying from neighbors, children's coaches, and even the fire department due to her adult content career. However, the frightening incident at the game was the breaking point for her. Earlier this year Cheek's son was also suspended from school after the principal found out that she was on OnlyFans.

Profession Becomes Threat

Sara Blake Cheek
Sara Blake Cheek Instagram

During an interview with The New York Post. Cheek described the alarming moment when a hulking parent threatened to physically attack her in the stands of a hockey arena. The incident happened after she confronted nearby parents who were mocking her 10-year-old son.

"The man threatened to beat my f–king ass," Cheek told the outlet of the October 20 incident.

"My kid gets slammed into the boards and the parent behind me starts cheering that he's hurt. And so of course, as a mom — just like anybody would be — turned and said, 'You can't be serious right now.' And then that's where the whole thing started that involved us."

Multiple men confronted Cheek, making verbal threats, an action that falls under the definition of assault in Florida.

They aggressively berated her, calling her names, while her husband, Matt Cheek, 39, attempted to pacify them, eyewitness said.

Although well-known in the community for creating adult content on OnlyFans, the Cheeks opted to disregard the taunting and refocus on their son, who was excelling as a prominent player in the local league.

However, a few days later, the entire Cheek family, including their son, faced a permanent ban from the rink due to their involvement in the altercation.

Strikingly, none of the other parents engaged in the conflict received similar sanctions, a coach confirmed to the outlet.

"They should be protecting anybody, any parent or any woman that gets assaulted," Sara Cheek said. "But instead, they choose to punish the victim and tell my kids, us, we're never able to attend that rink ever again or set foot in there because of what I do for a living."

Not the First Time

Sara Blake Cheek
Sara Blake Cheek Instagram

Cheek is accustomed to facing judgmental glares and rumors that accompany her explicit career, having been barred from attending her children's sporting events in the past.

Over the last two years, the mother of four was banned from watching her then 11-year-old daughter at cheerleading events after another parent divulged her "secret" to the community, as she previously shared with The NY Post.

Shortly thereafter, her two sons were removed from their football league without any clear reason, and one of her boys faced suspension from school. Concerns were raised by gossiping parents who feared that Cheek's career on OnlyFans could have negative repercussions within the community.

The harassment against Cheek and her young children has continued to intensify in recent months, despite her career expanding beyond her adult-oriented work.

She has become a prominent Southeastern Conference football analyst with her own podcast and is a regular contributor to ESPN radio and various sports magazines.

"I'm increasingly growing in my brand and my career and I've made more for myself and more opportunities and continue to do magazine covers ... so the fact that you're just punishing me for OnlyFans, when there's so much more that's there, it's crazy," the outraged mom said.

"And there's no justice, there's no there's nothing you can do to stand up for yourself or fight back because it's the end all be all. These people never have to be held accountable because their excuse is, 'Well, she does OnlyFans. So, she can't be here.'"