Who is Oscar Alejandro? Renowned YouTuber Arrested on Alleged Terrorism Charges in Venezuela

Concerns arise over motives as popular content creator faces terrorism accusations amidst political tension in Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities apprehended popular YouTuber Oscar Alejandro at Simón Bolívar International Airport near Caracas on Sunday. The arrest, reportedly made under accusations of "terrorism," has sparked concerns among his family and followers.

Oscar Alejandro

While Oscar Alejandro's family asserts that the arrest was made on terrorism charges, the Prosecutor's Office, under Nicolás Maduro's regime, has yet to release an official statement regarding the matter.

Oscar Alejandro, known for his YouTube channel with 1.89 million subscribers where he showcases Venezuelan culture, was taken into custody as he prepared to travel with his family to Canaima National Park in the State of Bolívar.

The family's statement, posted on social media, emphasized Oscar Alejandro's dedication to promoting Venezuelan culture and expressed hopes for a fair judicial process. The legal proceedings are scheduled to commence with a hearing on Monday, April 1, 2024, at the 2nd Court of Control of the Metropolitan Area.

Reports indicate that the YouTuber is currently detained at the Antiterrorism Division of the Scientific Investigation Corps of Venezuela headquarters.

The arrest has raised questions about the motives behind Oscar Alejandro's detention, particularly amid a backdrop of increasing repression in Venezuela ahead of the upcoming presidential election on July 28.

Although specific charges against Oscar Alejandro have not been disclosed by Venezuelan authorities, Twitter accounts linked to the Maduro regime have falsely accused him of inciting an attack against a significant building in Caracas.

In a video cited by these accounts, Oscar Alejandro mentioned the Credicard Tower in Caracas, highlighting the potential impact of an attack on Venezuela's national banking system. The video, published seven months ago, gained traction following news of the YouTuber's arrest.

Many social media users, including journalists and human rights defenders, have denounced Oscar Alejandro's detention as arbitrary and baseless.

Oscar Alejandro, who had previously expressed concerns about discussing politics due to fears of retaliation from the Maduro regime, recently faced censorship while producing videos about Nicaragua, drawing international attention to the issue.