Who is Mohammad Abdul Arfath? Another Indian Student from Cleaveland University Goes Missing in the USA, Family Receives Ransom Call after 10 Days

Mohammed Abdul Arfath was last seen on March 7

The shocking trail of incidents involving Indian students pursuing higher education in the USA doesn't seem to have stopped. A 25-year-old student from Hyderabad, India, pursuing a master's degree in information technology at Cleveland University, has been reported missing in the United States since March 7. Mohammed Abdul Arfath was last seen on March 7, and his family in India claims they received a ransom demand for his safe return.

Mohammad Abdul Arfath

According to Abdul's father, Mohammed Saleem, a phone call from an unknown number came later in the week from someone claiming to be part of a gang. The caller asserted they had kidnapped Abdul and demanded a ransom of $1,200. They further threatened to sell Abdul's kidney if their demands were not met.

Concerned relatives in the US filed a missing person report with the Cleveland Police Department on March 8, and a lookout notice has been issued for Abdul.

The family also sought assistance from the Indian consulate in Chicago on March 18 to aid in locating Abdul. Cleveland Police are currently investigating Abdul's disappearance.

Mohammed Saleem recounted the events, stating, "My son went to the US on May 23 for his master's. He was doing fine and was talking to me every day. After March 7, we didn't talk. We tried calling, but the phone was off. Later, we called our brother and asked him to see. As my son was not at the location, they went and filed a missing complaint. After 10 days, we got a call on WhatsApp, that your son was kidnapped and asked for a $1,200 ransom. I urge the state government and central government to find my son."

Saleem's brother, residing in the US, also filed a missing person complaint with the police, though they have not received any further information about the missing student.

Father of the missing student has filed a formal complained with Indian law enforcement authorities in India and also wrote a letter to External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, urging the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC, USA, and the Indian Consulate in Chicago, USA, to aid in the search for his son.

Recently, Indian student Abhijit Paruchuri was murdered in Boston, marking the ninth death of an Indian student in 2024 alone.