Who is Mitchell Wasek? Buc-ee's Co-Founder's Son Indicted on 21 Charges for Secretly Recording Guests Showering and Engaging in Sexual Activities

According to court documents, the camera was concealed in a charging port in the bathroom

Mitchell Wasek, 28, son of Buc-ee's co-founder Don Wasek, faces a 21-count indictment for secretly recording people in his family's lake house and his apartment. The indictment, issued by a Texas grand jury on May 17, was announced by the Travis County district attorney this week.

Wasek is accused of making invasive visual recordings of 13 individuals over two years. These recordings allegedly took place at the Wasek family's lake home, owned by Don Wasek, and at Mitchell Wasek's Dallas apartment. The videos reportedly show individuals in intimate settings, such as showering and engaging in sexual activities.

Mitchell Wasek

The investigation began in October 2023 when a woman visiting the lake house with friends discovered a hidden camera. According to court documents, the camera was concealed in a charging port in the bathroom. The woman and her friends took the camera, which contained numerous videos of them and others in bathrooms and bedrooms. The group reported their findings to authorities, leading to Wasek's arrest and subsequent release on a $280,000 bond.

David Gonzalez, Wasek's attorney, contends that the case raises complex legal questions about privacy and property rights. "May a homeowner install a camera in his home without telling housekeepers or guests, or does the guest have a greater legal right than the homeowner?" Gonzalez asked. He emphasized that the ubiquity of video recording in modern society makes this case particularly challenging.

Authorities reviewed the footage found on the camera and discovered 68 movie files showing at least 13 male and female individuals using toilets, showering, changing clothes, and having sex. The affidavit states that some recordings date back to 2021 and were made in various locations. Additionally, Amazon records linked purchases of "spy cameras" to Wasek, further supporting the allegations.

The case has drawn significant attention due to the involvement of the Wasek family, known for their association with Buc-ee's, a popular chain of gas and travel centers that originated in Texas and is expanding across the United States.

Mitchell Wasek's next court appearance is scheduled for June 5. The legal proceedings are expected to address the intricate issues surrounding privacy rights and the legality of surveillance within a private residence. As the case unfolds, it will likely continue to generate public interest and legal debate.