Who Is Mindy Noce? Sen. Tim Scott Finally Reveals His Mystery Girlfriend Who Is a Design and Renovations Manager and Mom of Three

Her Instagram account is filled with an array of photos featuring her interior design projects as well as group pictures with her colleagues.

Sen. Tim Scott turned a political debate into a romantic affair as he introduced his new girlfriend at the third GOP presidential primary debate, finally revealing the identity of his mysterious partner. Mindy Noce, a 47-year-old mother of three and a design and renovations manager from Charleston, South Carolina, joined Scott on stage following the debate.

The 58-year-old South Carolina Republican, who has never been married, was presumed to be single until he casually mentioned having a girlfriend at an event in May. Many presidential candidates often showcase their significant others and families during the campaign, aiming to connect with voters and appear relatable. But Scott did it in style.

Revealing the Love of His Life

Mindy Noce Tim Scott
Tim Scott introduced his mystery girlfriend Mindy Noce at the third GOP presidential primary debate in Miami on Wednesday X

So, who is Mindy Noce? Noce has been living in South Carolina since she graduated from the College of Charleston, where she pursued a major in Health Science.

Currently, she serves as an interior designer at Atlantic Properties of Lowcountry, a real estate firm.

Mindy Noce
Mindy Noce X

According to the firm's website, Noce became familiar with the area when her three older brothers were involved in football at The Citadel.

She has lived at Isle of Palms and Daniel Island for nearly eighteen years. Describing herself as a "mover-and-shaker with a creative eye and love for people," she is enthusiastic about her local community.

Her Instagram account is filled with an array of photos featuring her interior design projects as well as group pictures with her colleagues.

Scott's previously private dating life led some within the party, especially those fixated on family values, to have questions or reservations about his relationship status.

It's worth noting that the United States hasn't had an unmarried president in over 139 years.

Mindy Noce
Mindy Noce Instagram

When asked about his girlfriend in the post-debate spin room in Miami on Wednesday, Scott casually responded, saying, "She's great." He told reporters that he and his girlfriend have been dating for "several months."

In September, speaking to a crowd in Iowa, Scott mentioned, 'I'm dating a lovely Christian girl,' while keeping her identity undisclosed at that time.

Always in Love

Following Wednesday night's debate, Noce joined the senator on stage, engaging in photo opportunities and was seen holding his hand.

Mindy Noce
Mindy Noce Instagram

The Washington Post conducted an extensive piece on the senator's romantic life, wherein Scott revealed that a mutual friend from church had introduced them. Their connection deepened through discussions about faith and their shared use of an app for conducting joint Bible studies.

During a date at a Charleston restaurant, Noce ordered steak, while the senator opted for swordfish. Despite sharing dishes, it was later revealed that she didn't like swordfish, a fact the senator discovered later.

The couple also engaged in activities like playing pickleball, where Scott found himself feeling embarrassed after realizing he wasn't as proficient on the court as he had hoped.

Scott's campaign manager confirmed to The Washington Post the authenticity of the relationship, even mentioning their visit to the zoo together.

The South Carolina senator has responded defensively when his relationship status has been compared to that of the last single-serving president, James Buchanan, who served in 1861.

Mindy Noce
Mindy Noce Instagram

"The fact that half of America's adult population is single for the first time, to suggest that somehow being married or not married is going to be the determining factor of whether you're a good president," Scott said at the time.

"It sounds like we're living in 1963... not 2023."

During the earlier phase of his career, Scott claimed to have been a 30-year-old virgin and even based a campaign on a pledge of abstinence.

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