'Biden Has Blood On His Hands': Blames US Senator Tim Scott Over Hamas Attack On Israel

Scott's comment faces outrage on social media

U.S. Senator Tim Scott sparked outrage with his claim that President Joe Biden bears responsibility for the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel in a speech at The Hudson Institute, stating that Biden has "blood on his hands" following the loss of more than 1,000 Israeli lives.

Tim Scott

"Mercy," Senator Scott declared during his speech at The Hudson Institute, known as a "hawkish think tank heavily reliant on Pentagon funding." He went on to emphasize, "There is no both sides, no moral equivalency. We're talking about terrorists killing innocent people. There is right and there is wrong. It's black and white. And there should be no doubt where our loyalties as a nation lie."

Scott continued, "We have seen the face of evil. The President of the United States has a moral duty to lead with strength and clarity. So while Hamas carried out these attacks, Joe Biden has blood on his hands. His weakness invited the attack. His cash giveaways to Iran help fund terrorism, and after the attack, his administration suggested that Israel just stand down, is a disgrace. We need a president who is loyal to our allies yet lethal to our adversaries because weakness has never purchased peace, being passive is a provocation."

However, it's important to note that Senator Scott's claim that President Biden gave cash to Iran, which then helped fund terrorism, has been widely debunked. This includes Fox News Chief National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin's clarification. The $6 billion in question is currently held in a Qatari bank account with U.S. Treasury oversight. The funds originated from Iranian oil sales to South Korea and did not include U.S. taxpayers' dollars.

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The site of the music festival after the attack on Israel X

As of now, Senator Scott's presidential campaign is ranking at number seven and polling at just 2.4%, according to the right-leaning website RealClearPolitics. On Tuesday, conservative columnist George Will urged the South Carolina Republican to drop out and endorse Nikki Haley.

The response to Senator Scott's accusations against President Biden has been one of outrage and anger from various quarters. Former Republican and former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh criticized Scott's remarks as "despicable and wrong."

Political commentator Keith Olbermann called him a "gutless political prostitute," and Tim Miller, the former Jeb Bush presidential campaign communications director, pointed out that such rhetoric would have been considered unthinkable from Democrats after 9/11.

Senator Tim Scott's claim that President Joe Biden is responsible for the Hamas attacks on Israel and has "blood on his hands" has stirred controversy and condemnation. While the debate over these allegations continues, it's crucial to consider the broader context and facts surrounding this issue.