John Fetterman's 'Power Hungry' Wife Pushed Him Into Depression? Speculations on Social Media After US Senator Gets Admitted to Walter Reed

US Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, to "receive treatment for clinical depression." Fetterman's chief of staff revealed that the Senator checked in to the hospital on Wednesday night.

U.S. Senator John Fetterman
U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) and his wife Gisele Fetterman Twitter

Fetterman's Depression Became Severe Recently

In a statement Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson said that white Fetterman experienced depression off and on throughout his life, it only became severe in recent weeks.

"On Monday, John was evaluated by Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the attending physician of the United States Congress," the chief of staff said. "Yesterday, Dr. Monahan recommended inpatient care at Walter Reed. John agreed, and he is receiving treatment on a voluntary basis."

"After examining John, the doctors at Walter Reed told us that John is getting the care he needs, and will soon be back to himself," Jentleson said.

It may be recalled that in May last year, the Senator suffered a stroke which according to him had nearly killed him. Following his public appearance after the stroke, Fetterman had admitted that he was suffering from lingering auditory processing and speech issues.

Issuing a statement of her own, the senator's wife, Gisele Fetterman, said that she was proud of him. "After what he's been through in the past year, there's probably no one who wanted to talk about his own health less than John," Gisele tweeted on Thursday afternoon. "I'm so proud of him for asking for help and getting the care he needs."

Seeking privacy during the "difficult time for our family," Gisele urged everyone to "Take care of yourselves. Hold your loved ones close, you are not alone."

Wil Speculations on Social Media

According to the American Stroke Association, it is common for stroke survivors to experience depression, and the cause may be biochemical or psychological.

Even though it wasn't clear what triggered depression in Fetterman's case, several social media users pointed fingers at his wife for the same.

"Am I the only one that is pissed that Jill Biden, let's her husband be put out there like a puppet when clearly he is not well. And now John Fetterman, his wife was all smiles and mouthy, but she will let her sick husband campaign. It was pretty obvious she was the ringleader," tweeted a user.

"Does it need to be said that John Fetterman's wife is a horrible person? She's up there with @FLOTUS as a greedy abuser of her husband," read another tweet.

"I don't blame John Fetterman I blame his wife and his handlers for not putting him first his health first," expressed another user.

"The Senate seat in my state has been bought by the Democrats. John Fetterman is the sacrifice. His family, especially his wife, has been complicit. John, apparently, battled depression before. How do you do this to someone you love?" wrote another user.