Who Is Mikaela Lafuente? 22-Year-Old Model Claims Kanye West Sent Her 'Inappropriate' Instagram Messages While Married to Bianca Censori

Mikaela went on to say that it's "not okay" for him to have messaged her with questionable intentions.

A model has blasted Kanye West for being "inappropriate" after alleging that the rapper messaged her to "hang out" - even though he is married to his wife, Bianca Censori. Mikaela Lafuente, 22, alleged that Kanye contacted her on Instagram earlier this year and asked her to "hang out" and listen to his new album.

The model and influencer, who is currently in a relationship with 24-year-old TikTok star Bryce Hall, hit out at the singer-songwriter for being "inappropriate" and highlighted that, at 47, Kanye is more than twice her age. The 22-year-old model claimed that the unpleasant interaction took place in March 2024, as reported by The Mail Online.

Infidel Kanye

Mikaela Lafuente
Mikaela Lafuente Instagram

She said she found it "odd" that Kanye would reach out to her, noting that they had never met before. "It was funny," she said.

"Bryce [Hall, her boyfriend] and I were in Vegas and I was going through my Instagram DMs and I saw this [Kanye West message]."

Bianca Censori with Kanye West
Bianca Censori with Kanye West Twitter

"At first, I didn't believe it and thought it was a fake account, but it wasn't.

"The message was pretty odd as I had never spoken to him or seen him in person before."

The outlet acquired screenshots from the exchange, revealing the "Father Stretch My Hands" singer writing, "Back in Cali."

Mikaela Lafuente
Mikaela Lafuente Instagram

She turned down his advances. Months later, Mikaela said that it was "inappropriate" for Kanye to message her in the first place.

"I don't think it's acceptable to be messaging other women when you're married. It's not acceptable and it's something I'd stand behind forever," she said.

Not Acceptable

Mikaela went on to say that it's "not okay" for him to have messaged her with questionable intentions. "I've grown up with all my family being with their partners forever and this is what I want for my relationship,' she shared. 'Monogamy is what is accepted and cheating is unacceptable."

Mikaela Lafuente
Mikaela Lafuente Instagram

"If he texts other girls, I know I said no, but others might not," she pointed out.

"I do not support it," Mikaela said. "Maybe they [him and his wife] have an agreement and Bianca knows about it and is cool with it, but we will never know this."

Mikaela claimed that after she turned Kanye down, he deleted all of his Instagram messages to her.

Her boyfriend posted the messages on X, previously known as Twitter, writing: "Kanye is sliding on my girlfriend... someone tell Kim."

"Cmon ye... at least invite me to the hang and listen session," he joked in a second post.

Kanye married 29-year-old Bianca Censori in December 2022. The past few weeks have been challenging for the fashion designer and his Australian wife.

Earlier this month, Kanye was seen in Berlin without Bianca by his side. He wore dark sunglasses in a rare photo shared on social media. The photo was posted on the Gargouille Guillotine Instagram account.

In the picture, the rapper donned a white hooded jacket paired with matching pants. He had a dark bandana with a white pattern on his head.

Mikaela Lafuente
Mikaela Lafuente Instagram

Kanye sported black, sporty sunglasses and a large silver chain with a cross pendant. He also had a beard and a serious expression on his face.

The outing came amid a lawsuit filed by a Yeezy employee, alleging that Bianca sent "hardcore" sexual content to an employee.

The lawsuit claimed that she shared the clip after Kanye announced the launch of a new adult film business, Yeezy Porn, in April.