Who is Lizzie Norton? Nanny in Boob-Touching 'Dirty Dancing' Viral Clip Denies Being Groomed

Lizzie Norton, a 23-year-old nanny, who was caught 'dirty dancing' with her employer, has denied being groomed by the couple. Norton's dance with Andrew went viral after he was caught touching her boobs in the video as his wife laughed off.

The clip, which was originally shared on TikTok by Andrew's wife Rachel, has raked in millions of views before going viral on other social media platforms too.

Nanny Lizzie Norton enacted Dirty Dancing scene with her employer Andrew.

Pair Took Several 'Takes' Before Nailing the Iconic Scene

The video captioned, 'The nanny-dad content no one asked for,' left many netizens questioning the relationship between the trio with a few suggesting that the inappropriate behavior raises red flag. Rachel wrote, "this is what happens... when dad comes home before the nanny leaves."

Norton and Andrew were attempting to re-enact the famous lift scene from the 1987 film, 'Dirty Dancing'.

The controversial video shows Andrew dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, while Norton is spotted wearing a loose tee and shorts. The one-minute clip shows Norton running and leaping into the man's arm several times to recreate the scene. However, as Andrew finally holds the nanny up in the air, his hands go a little higher and appears to be touching Norton's breast.

At one point Rachel is even heard shouting "You touched her boobs!" to which her husband replies while laughing, "I know, I know."

Is the Nanny Being Groomed by the Couple?

Soon after the video went viral several netizens expressed their discomfort over the actions in the video. While some suggested that Andrew and Norton were "flirting," there were few others who hinted at the possibility of the nanny being groomed by the man due to the age difference.

"The fact that they were both insanely comfortable doing this is unsettling," wrote a user as another commented, "What they're doing doesn't even look fun. They just like touching each other."

"Reminds me of the stuff we'd do in middle school to flirt without admitting we were flirting," wrote another user.

However, after facing severe backlash, Rachel and Norton posted a couple of videos clarifying their relationship. Claiming that Norton and Andrew saw each other every day during the pandemic, Rachel said that it was no longer the case since Andrew returned to his workplace. "On the rare occasion, she does see him. They're so happy to see each other because she's like our little sister," Rachel says. "We love her to death. She's really, like, goofy and weird, and we can joke around and mess with her, and vice versa."

"When she dates and makes bad decisions on other things, we give her advice. We tell her we're disappointed in her. We tell her we're proud of her," adds Rachel.

It is at this point when Norton adds, "I'm not being groomed. Everybody can really calm down."

According to the Insider, in the third video, Rachel asked people to stop attacking their nanny. "She's a godsend to our family, and people are attacking her like she's some sort of slut."