Who is Kristina Lisina? Pornstar Falls to Death from High-Rise Clutching Coin with Cryptic Message

Kristina Lisina was popular on PornHub as Kris the Foxx and also had a huge following on OnlyFans.

Kristina Lisina, an adult entertainer who goes by the stage name "Kris the Foxx," plunged to her death from a residential tower. She was 29.

Lisina was found dead last Tuesday after falling from the 22-story window of the high-rise in St. Petersburg. She was quite popular on the adult website PornHub, where she appeared in several videos under her stage name and also had a huge fan following on OnlyFans.

'You Are Always In My Heart'

Kristina Lisina
Kristina Lisina a.k.a. Kris the Foxx (left) and CCTV images showing her body lying on the ground outside the residential high-rise. Twitter

According to Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets, Lisina's death is now being investigated by authorities. Investigators have made no official announcements as of yet, but her body was reportedly found near a residential area in the Nevsky district, clutching a coin in her hand. The coin was inscribed with the words, "You are always in my heart."

Lisina's boyfriend, who goes by the name Rustam M on social media, broke the news of her death to her followers while asking for donations to help cover funeral costs. "Greetings to all! 06/29/2021 my girlfriend, Kristina Lisina, also known as Kris the foxx, passed away," he wrote. "For a funeral, 70-80 thousand rubles are required. We ask all those who are not indifferent to help financially and repost."

CCTV footage shows her entering the building eating a bag of crisps minutes before her death as well as a gruesome images of her body lying on the ground outside the building.

Lisina was 'Lonely,' Wanted to be 'Loved'

Kristina Lisina
Kristina Lisina Twitter

Lisina, a native of Siberia, recentlycomplained to her friends about feeling lonely, according to The Sun. "She wanted to have a family and be loved," an anonymous source told the outlet. She recently wrote on social media, "teach me how to live" and asked, "relationships or loneliness?"

The adult entertainer started a career in the porn industry after working in a bank. "I moved to St. Petersburg from Krasnoyarsk, worked in a bank for exactly five days, and I realised that I was not interested," she said. "I don't understand what to talk about with these people. And I got into porn."

Lisina's death came weeks after the death of another porn star, Dakota Skye. As previously reported, the 27-year-old Tampa Bay native was found dead in mysterious circumstances by her husband inside a recreational vehicle on June 9. Her aunt said that a possible reason for her death might be their family's long-running history of problems with drugs and alcoholism. However, she also alleged that Skye was bullied intensely on social media after sharing a topless photo of herself in front of a George Floyd mural.