Kendra Sunderland Banned After Posting Topless Photo, Video Saying She's 'Blowing' Instagram CEO

The adult film star later issued an apology over her explicit posts, admitting that she took things "too far."

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Adult film star Kendra Sunderland had her Instagram account taken down after posting X-rated content and bragging about not being deleted from the platform because she was "blowing" the CEO.

It all started after Sunderland, who had over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, posted a topless photo of herself in her underwear on Instagram, wearing surgical gloves and a mesh top that exposed her breasts.

Kendra Sunderland
The topless photo posted by Sunderland on Instagram before her account was removed. Twitter

'I'm Sucking Off the CEO of Instagram'

In the comments section, she bragged about getting away with posting the explicit content, which violates the platform's rules over nudity, because she was "blowing" the "CEO of Instagram."

Adam Mosseri happens to be CEO of the Facebook-owned platform and is married with three children. Despite flouting Instagram's policy, Sunderland's account remained active. Then, on Wednesday night, Sunderland posted an Instagram Live video of herself topless, performing fellatio on a dildo while a White Claw is poured over it, before giving a similar justification.

Kendra Sunderland
A still from Sunderland's graphic Instagram Live video. Twitter

"Hey guys! I just wanna let you know I'm not deleted yet," she said in a follow-up post. "I'm batshit crazy. I might be sucking off the CEO of Instagram. But whatever it is, I'm here to stay!" Not long after she posted the video, Alana Evans, a fellow porn actress drew Instagram's attention to the graphic clip and demanded action to be taken against Sunderland.

Instagram Issues Statement

A representative for Facebook later issued the following statement, denying Mosseri's "connection" to Sunderland and justifying the removal of her account from the platform.

"Over a billion people use Instagram and at times that means we make mistakes. This account violated our policies and we've now removed it," the rep said. "This person has no connection to executives at our company, and claims that she received preferential treatment are baseless."

Sunderland Addresses Controversy, Apologizes

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Sunderland said she had consumed too many White Claws when she made the claims about Mosseri and was just "joking around."

"I never even really knew who the CEO of Instagram was, or anything. I've never met this person before in my life," she said, before admitting to taking things "too far."

"I think having my titties out shouldn't have been a problem because guys can be shirtless on Instagram Live, and there shouldn't be any difference," she added. "But as far as shoving a black dildo down my throat and pouring a White Claw over it, maybe that was too far. I'm sorry, Instagram!"

Sunderland then took to Twitter to post a series of tweets claiming that sex workers were being targeted.

Kendra Sunderland tweets
The tweets posted by Sunderland alleging discrimination against sex workers. Twitter

The pornstar shot to popularity after filming herself publicly stripping and masturbating in the library of the Oregon State University.She was arrested over the video but a pornographic offered to pay her fine and she now has a successful porn career.