Who is Kim Luckett? Christian Woman Faces Backlash Over Video of her 'Accosting' Trans Woman for Using Ladies Restroom at Tennessee Gas Station

A Tennessee-based Christian woman is facing backlash on social media after a video of her accosting a transgender woman for using the ladies restroom at a gas station in Tennessee went viral on social media.

The video, originally shared on TikTok, was reposted by popular social media user @TizzyEnt on Twitter. According to the trans woman, who goes by @transgirlelle on TikTok, she had just gotten off a four-hour shift and stopped at the Love's Travel Stop in Murfreesboro, TN, to use the ladies restroom when she was accosted by a Christian woman.

'I am a Female'

Kim Luckett
Kim Luckett in a still from the video (left) and in a photo on her Facebook profile. Twitter/Facebook

"I was just verbally accosted by a member of the extreme Christian right," the trans woman says in the video before it cuts to her encounter with the woman.

"If you were in that restroom with my granddaughter...," the woman says before the TikTok user cuts her off, offering to show her a driving license that confirms her identity as a female but the woman refuses.

"I'm just trying to go to the bathroom," the trans woman tries to reason with the woman. "I am a female."

"No you are not!, the woman exclaims. "If that's your twisted way of thinking then that's fine."

The trans woman then follows the woman out to the parking lot, calling her "a hateful, spiteful, bigot."

"I did not choose what identity you are born," the woman responds before her husband threatens to "hurt" her as she continues filming them. Watch the video below:

Who is Kim Luckett?

The woman in the video was later identified by @TizzyEnt as Kim Junior Luckett, of Dyersburg, Tennessee in a follow-up video. Luckett owns a hair salon called Cutting Edge and is a member of the Church without Walls church in the Dyersburg area.

According to Tizzy, Luckett followed the trans woman into the restroom and waited outside the stall to harass her. He said she continued harassment outside the restroom, at which point the trans woman pulled out her cellphone and started recording.

In the wake of the video, Luckett deleted her Facebook profile and her salon was bombarded with negative reviews on Google and Yelp, bringing down its rating to one star.

"Please be wary of the owner. She is known for creeping around people while they are in public bathroom stalls and then will follow them around public spaces, harrassing them. Consider putting your hard earned money into a more welcoming business," wrote one user. "Jesus would disclaim as any follower of his. Shame on you."

"The owner feels that it's acceptable behaviour to harass and verbally abuse a trans lady who was minding her own business," commented another. "Don't support businesses that think transphobia is okay!"

Luckett's church also received similar messages from social media users

Church without Walls
Some of the messages posted on the church's page. Facebook