California Paralegal Placed on Leave After Assaulting Gay Man at Planet Fitness in Viral Video

A California paralegal has been placed on leave after a TikTok user accused him of assaulting him as he took a break between workouts at a Planet Fitness.

"I got assaulted at planet fitness in Santa Maria for taking a 30 second break," read the caption of the clip shared by TikTok user Josh who goes by @foreignbabyy777.

'This Man Put His Hands on Me For No F-cking Reason'

Douglass R. Scott
Stills from the video shared on TikTok by @foreignbabyy777 and Douglass R. Scott (right) TikTok/Facebook

The video starts off with Josh, a gay man, filming the older gentleman, explaining that he was assaulted by the man as he was trying to catch a breath between sets. "This man put his hands on me for no f-cking reason...cause I was just standing around, you know catching my breath, as we all f-cking do," Josh says in the video.

"Say hi to TikTok, " Josh says as he points the camera at the man, who waves his hand and responds. "This guy's a punk," the man is heard saying, before telling Josh, "You're not my type."

'You Got in His Face for Not Working Out'

At this point, a woman working out nearby intervenes and calls out the man for assaulting the TikTok user. The alleged assailant tries to justify his actions by claiming Josh got in his face, which the woman disagrees with. "You got in his face," she says to the man. "I just watched it."

"You got in his face for not working out," she reiterates.

"Correct," the man responds as he admits to assaulting the gay man because he wanted to use the gym equipment Josh was using while he was "running his mouth" and "sitting on his phone"

The video ends with a Planet Fitness employee asking the man to leave. Watch it below:

Who is Douglass R. Scott?

Not long after the video went viral, popular TikToker @thatdaneshguy identified the man in the video as Douglass R. Scott, a paralegal who works for a Comstock & Wagner, a law firm that specializes in family law.

Danesh did some more digging into Scott and found that the 63-year-old is a registered sex offender and previously has been accused of child porn possession and rape of a minor.

Comstock & Wagner also posted a statement on their Facebook page, saying Scott was under investigation and was placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

"Comstock & Wagner has been made aware of a video circulating regarding an incident involving one of our employees. This employee has been placed on a leave of absence while we investigate further," the company wrote.

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