Who Is Kim Jong Chul? The 'Warm-Hearted' Brother of North Korea's Leader and a Fan of Eric Clapton

The 39-year-old Kim Jong Chul was never considered as a viable option to be the leader of North Korea

As rumors regarding the death of the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un are making the rounds, many reports have claimed that the leader is going to slowly give his powers to his sister as he is suffering from stress.

Amidst all the reports regarding the succession of power in the country, attention has also got shifted towards the older brother of Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Chul, the older brother is reportedly a talented musician and a huge fan of Eric Clapton. He has always stayed away from politics.

The 39-year-old was never a viable option to lead the nation. According to Dr. Leonid Petrov, who is an expert in North Korea affairs, the older brother of the Supreme Leader is apolitical and is much more interested in pop music than ruling a communist nation, as reported by News.com.au.

Kim Jong Chul the Music Lover

Kim Jong Chul
Kim Jong Chul YouTube Grab/Hindustan Times

The expert also mentioned that the father of Kim Jong Chul had issues with his son's apparent feminity, allegedly saying that he has a soft personality. "There are rumors [Jong Chul] has feminine traits to his character and took hormones to help him behave more masculine," Petrov stated.

Kenji Fujimoto, who was Kim Jong Ils's former personal sushi chef stated that Jong Chul had the warm heart of a girl, as reported by the Washington Post. The brother of the Supreme leader is known for his love for Eric Clapton. According to South Korean intelligence official, he was seen at a concert of Clapton in Singapore in 2006 and reportedly followed the tour of the artist across Germany in four different cities.

He is very much interested in music and guitar and also is a skilled guitarist, as per reports. Despite his lack of interest in politics, he is believed to have a good relationship with his brother. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future in North Korea.