Kim Jong Un's Sister Kim Yo-Jong Missing? What Happened to North Korea's Next Leader?

Kim Yo-Jong appears to have missed several important meetings in North Korea in recent weeks, triggering speculation.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's health has been a topic of speculation for a very long time. Many observers have predicted that if he dies, his sister Kim Yo-Jong is going to rule the hermit kingdom. However, several political analysts are now speculating that Kim Yo-Jong has been demoted from her post as she has been missing from all the major meetings for quite some time.
Kim Yo-Jong

Kim Yo-Jong appears to have missed several important meetings in North Korea. As per several reports, she was missing from the recently held political meet. Before that, she was absent from North Korean state media coverage of a ruling party plenum meeting.

As per the reports, the meeting was attended by the members and alternate members of the WPK Central Committee, but Kim Yo-Jong was missing from the crucial meeting. Her absence from such meetings has led many to speculate that she has been demoted from her current position.

"[The fact] that Kim Yo Jong missed those two events could be an indicator that she was demoted, possibly completely leaving the party leadership," said Martin Weiser, who studies North Korean media and works as an independent analyst, reported NK News.

Weiser added that Kim Yo Jong's absence from the meetings can also suggest that she might be busy with other important political work or must be undergoing some sort of training as she prepares for another important position within the Worker's Party of Korea.

Kim Yo-Jong As North Korea's Ruler

Amid all the speculations and conspiracy theories, it is factually correct that Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo-Yong holds significant power in the regime. As per our previous report, she has started participating in the diplomatic relations of North Korea with other countries, especially with the United States of America.

Many political experts are currently wondering as to what would happen if Kim Yo-Jong comes into power in place of current ruler Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yo Jong
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A retired US Army Colonel revealed to the New York Post that if Kim Yo-Jong rules the hermit kingdom, she is going to do that with "an iron fist." Another noted professor, Sung-Yoon Lee, stated that the nature of the regime demands her to be completely ruthless in the first couple of years.

It is yet not confirmed by any news agency if Kim Yo-Yong will actually be the new leader of North Korea if something happens to Kim. However, given that there is a lot of news circulating from the Korean Peninsula, many experts are certain that there is something happening in the country for sure.

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