Who is Kaikan Kaennakam? Body of 31-year-old Thai Model Found in a Morgue in Bahrain More than a Year After she Disappeared

Family suspects foul play, demands investigations

The body of Kaikan Kaennakam, a 31-year-old Thai model, was found in a morgue in Bahrain more than a year after she disappeared. Her family is urging authorities to probe her death.

Kaikan, who had shifted from modeling to working in a Middle Eastern restaurant due to a lack of job opportunities, aimed to support her family in northeast Thailand. She frequently updated her social media with her life, mentioning her relationship with a Bahraini boyfriend.

Thai model Kaikan

In April 2023, Kaikan suddenly stopped posting online, worrying her relatives. Despite efforts to find her, including help from the Thai embassy and community in Bahrain, she remained unreachable.

On April 18, 2023, the Thai embassy in Bahrain informed Kaikan's family that an unidentified Southeast Asian woman's body had been found in a morgue since the previous year. A tattoo helped identify her. The cause of death was cited as acute lung and heart failure due to alcohol poisoning.

Kaikan's sister, Suthida Ngernthaworn, suspects foul play, pointing to bruises on Kaikan's body in photos. Suthida also mentioned Kaikan posting images and videos of her body with marks and cuts before disappearing, deepening suspicions.

The family is now working to bring Kaikan's remains back to Thailand, which is a costly endeavor without travel insurance. They've enlisted the help of Paveena Hongsakul, founder of a charity for women and children, to seek assistance from Thai authorities in repatriating Kaikan's body.