Who is Joshua Black? Woman Accuses Nashville Comedian of Breaking into Her Car Because He 'Fit the Description' [VIDEO]

Joshua Black said the woman walked up to his car in his own apartment parking lot and accused him of following her, claiming he "fit the description" of the suspect that broke into her car.

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A video of a "Karen' racially profiling a black stand-up comedian and accusing him of breaking into her vehicle while he was walking over to his car in the parking lot of his own apartment complex has gone viral on social media.

Joshua Black, a Nashville-based stand-up comedian, posted the video on his social media accounts, saying a "white" woman walked up to his car, demanding to know what he was doing in the parking garage of his own apartment.

'I Had My Car Broken Into'

Joshua Black
Stills from the video shared by Joshua Black on Instagram. Instagram

The video starts off with the woman telling Black that her car was broken into, which he says he has also been a victim of, as many as five times. Black then speaks into the camera, saying he has been living in the apartment complex for nearly half a decade when the "Karen" walked up to her car and accused him of following her.

The woman, who is with a male companion, is seen attempting to call security in the moments that follow. "I had my car broken into," the woman reiterates to Black, who snaps back, telling the woman he pays $1700 dollars a month in rent.

'The Description was Exactly What You're Wearing'

The woman then approaches Black and says, "The description was exactly what you're wearing and you have a backpack on."

"So the description was of me of the person that broke into your car?" Black asks the woman.

"Yeah, the hoodie, everything, the backpack," the woman replies.

"They had on a pink hoodie?" Black, who is seen wearing a pink "Everybody is Racism" hoodie, asks the woman.

The woman's friend is then heard urging her not to raise her voice because Black is "content creating," prompting Black to point out to them that he is an influencer and could have them "finished" if he wanted to.

The friend then says something about Black getting more likes if they raised their voice. "I get more likes if a white woman walks up to me and asks me what I'm doing in my apartment," the comedian retorts. The woman then points out that she's not "white" and is of Mexican descent. Watch the full video below:

Social Media Reactions:

The video instantly went viral, racking up hundreds of comments on social media with netizens calling out the woman for racially profiling the comedian in his own apartment.

"So someone breaks into her car and she assumes the first black person she sees, that fits a vague ass description, is the person that broke into her car?" one user wrote.

"I'm tired of this happening again and again. Why must people of color have to constantly explain their existence?" commented another.