Who is Emma Sarley? 'Racist' New York Woman Fired After Telling Black Dogwalking Couple to 'Stay in Your Hood'

Frederick Joseph, a NYT bestselling author, said he and his fiancé were walking their dog at a Brooklyn dog park when the woman threatened to call the cops on them and told them to "stay in your hood."

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A white woman has been fired from her job after a video of her interaction with a black couple at a Brooklyn dog park went viral on social media.

Frederick Joseph, a NYT bestselling author, shared the video on Twitter, adding that he and his fiancé were walking their dog when the woman started harassing them after confusing their pet with another dog barking loudly. Joseph said the woman threatened to call the cops on them and told them to "stay in your hood," prompting him to pull out his cellphone and start recording.

'Stay in Your Hood'

In the clip, the woman is seen flipping off the camera before trying to snatch the phone out of Joseph's hand as he tries to film her.

"Stay in our hood? You just told us to leave the dog park and stay in our hood," Joseph tells the woman, who then tries to play the victim by placing her hand on her chest and saying, "Oh my god, did you just say that to me?"

Joseph then pans the camera to a bystander who witnessed the alleged racism towards the couple, and asks him, "Did she not stand here and tell us to stay in our hood?"

"She did," the man replies. Watch the full video below:

Who is Emma Sarley?

Emma Sarley
Emma Sarley Twitter

The woman in the video was later identified by internet sleuths as Brooklyn-based Emma Sarley – an NYU graduate who works for a software company called Bevy.

Sarley 'Terminated' by Bevy

After the video went viral, netizens urged Bevy CEO Derek Andersen to sack Sarley over her racist behavior. Andersen later tweeted that the company had "zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior" and Sarley had been "terminated" from her position.

"@BevyHQ has zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior of any kind," he tweeted. "Yesterday an employee engaged in behavior contrary to our values and has been terminated. We apologize deeply to all involved."

The video brings to mind the incident involving Amy Cooper, the white woman who was caught on camera calling 911 and falsely accusing Chris Cooper, an African-American man, of threatening her in Central Park last year.

The video, which went viral in May 2020, showed Amy frantically calling the police, while alleging that Chris, an avid birdwatcher, was threatening her after he simply asked her to leash her dog as they were in the Central Park Ramble, an area of the park where dogs are required to be leashed.

In the wake of the incident, Amy was fired from her job as the head of insurance portfolio management at Franklin Templeton and charged with filing a false report, as previously reported.