Who is Jon Reyes? Canadian Minister Posts Wife's Pic While Shoveling Snow From Driveway After 12-Hour Hospital Shift; Gets Trolled

Canadian politician Jon Reyes' tweet praising his wife backfired after social media trolled him for clicking her pictures as she shoveled snow after an overnight shift at the hospital. Reyes, who tweeted the picture on Saturday, has been dubbed as 'insensitive' by the social media users.

Despite the flak on social media, Reyes' wife came out in his support saying that she wanted to shovel the snow.

Jon Reyes
Jon Reyes Twitter

Reyes Trolled For 'Insensitive Actions'

Reyes, who is the minister of economic development and jobs, posted a photo taken from inside his home, showing his wife shoveling the snow from their driveway. "Even after a 12- hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the driveway. God bless her and all our frontliners. Time to make her some breakfast," the tweet read.

Soon Twitter was up in arms against the Canadian minister.

"Why didn't YOU do it? And if you legitimately cannot for some reason, why don't you pay someone to do it for you so she can come home to a clean driveway and go straight to bed? What is wrong with you?" tweeted a user.

"Government or not, he should have gotten his lazy ass out there to help. My ex did the same thing multiple times until one day I got fed up, there was a big snowfall so I shoveled my side of the driveway so I could get out and dumped all the snow behind his He got the message!" wrote another user.

Reyes Wife Comes in His Support

In a statement issued to CTV News Reyes called his wife amazing both at home and at work. "My wife is amazing, both at home and at work. I'm eternally grateful for her and everything she does. I love her very much. I'm happy that she is getting the worldwide recognition she deserves, and it serves as a reminder to everyone — especially me today — that we can never do enough to show our gratitude to healthcare workers," read the statement.

As the heat against her husband grew on social media, Cynthia took to Twitter, defending Reyes' actions. "All I wanted to do was shovel!" read her tweet.

However, the trick didn't work as many users pointed out that it was the only tweet from Cynthia's account and appeared to have been made forcefully.

Many users even pointed out that Reyes was busy watching tennis the night before and tweeted about the same. In a tweet the Canadian politician wrote, "Diehard! Stayed up late for this one because the future is now. Way to go Felix and Shapo! 2-1 over Russia. Good luck in the final Vs Spain."

"Wait. You were up at 2:45 am watching tennis while your wife was working a 12 hr shift at a hospital during a pandemic? Then you took a picture of her shoveling your driveway from the warmth of your home? Good luck dude. I've cut people out of my life for a lot less than this," commented a user.