Who is Joey Gibson? Is President Trump Protecting Ultra Right Group Patriot Prayer?

Joey Gibson, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, founded far right group Patriot Prayer.

Joseph Owan Gibson known as Joey Gibson is an American right-wing political activist. He is popular as the founder of the far right advocacy group Patriot Prayer based out of Portland in Oregon. Gibson, a resident of Camas, founded the group in 2016.

Gibson's Patriot Prayer describes itself as the group that advocates freedom of speech. Patriot Prayer is openly seen supporting U.S. President Donald Trump. In fact, Gibson had said that he became an activist after witnessing protests against Trump's run for presidency in 2016. He is known as a staunch supporter of far right views and gained the attention of the nation by organizing rallies in support of Trump. He is also known for his vociferous speeches and protests against the left wing protesters.

Joey Gibson
Joey Gibson, the founder of far right group Patriot Prayer. Instagram

Joey Gibson's Political Ambitions

Gibson is not only a supporter of Trump but also a man with political ambitions. In 2018, Gibson announced that he would be contesting as a Republican for the United States Senate seat from Washington. But he lost to democratic candidate Maria Cantwell as he could manage to get only 2.3 percent votes in the primary election.

Far right groups including Proud Boys and Hell Shaking Street Preachers have also been spotted in the protest marches held in predominant liberal areas organized by Gibson's Patriot Prayer. The Christian group Patriot Prayer states that it also fights for gun rights, medical freedom, and sanctuary counties for the constitution.

Aaron Danielson Shootout

Currently, the Patriot Prayer group is trending as Gibson spoke to media about the death of his friend Aaron Danielson who was shot down on August 29 in downtown Portland. Gibson spoke on the Lars Larson show on the Northwest Radio Network and termed the shootout as an execution. "I don't care what you believe in politically, you can be far left to conservative whatever, if you knew him and his heart, you would never hurt him, let alone try to murder him,'' said Gibson.

Danielson was a supporter of the Patriot Prayer group. According to Gibson, Danielson and him took part in a caravan of 1,000 vehicles full of Trump supporters in Clackamas. After the event Danielson returned to downtown Portland where he was shot dead. "Danielson was targeted because he is a Christian conservative Patriot," Gibson said.

Insight Into Gibson's Life, Indictment

Giving more insights into Gibson's life, in 2019, Willamette Week publication had reported that Portland police lieutenant had passed on intelligence about the anti-fascist movement in the city to Gibson. The cop is also said to have advised Gibson on how to avoid being arrested.

Gibson had also expressed his opposition to Antifa movement in 2018. Gibson was arrested on charges of rioting in connection with May Day fight at a Northeast Portland cidery in 2019. A woman was reportedly beaten up by the group and ended up with broken vertebrae. Gibson was indicted for felony riot by the Multnomah County District Attorney on Aug. 15, 2019.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, some Patriot Prayer events had invited white supremacists to its crowds. But Gibson and his group have repeatedly claimed that they are not racists. The group has blamed media for giving them a negative image.