Who is Jeremiah Estel Blair? US Teen Allegedly Shoots Parents in Planned Attack, Disappointed They Survived

Jeremiah Estel Blair, a 19-year-old from Arizona, reportedly carried out a shooting attack on his parents, allegedly driven by long-held grievances about his upbringing. The incident unfolded on Monday morning, just hours after Mother's Day, inside the family's home.

Police sources revealed that Blair had been harboring plans for the attack for years, citing dissatisfaction with his childhood treatment. Documents from Chandler Police indicated Blair's confession, stating his feelings of being mistreated and his intention to kill his parents had been premeditated.

Jeremiah Estel Blair

The chilling scene unfolded as Blair's father encountered him holding a gun and a video camera. Blair, referencing the awaited day, shot his father in the forearm before his mother emerged from their bedroom, only to be shot in the chest. Shockingly, Blair expressed satisfaction at the thought of his mother's potential demise.

Court documents detailed Blair's regret over his parents' survival, acknowledging the wrongfulness of his actions despite his attempts to kill them. Fortunately, both parents were hospitalized in stable condition without the need for surgery.

Blair faces charges of two counts of first-degree attempted murder and remains in custody pending legal proceedings.

This disturbing incident follows a tragic murder-suicide case, where a man fatally shot his wife in California before taking the lives of their four-year-old twins and himself. Authorities discovered a pistol and loaded magazine at the family's home, emphasizing the grim nature of the incident.

Despite assurances from the police of the isolated nature of the event, the community remains shaken by the tragic loss of life.