Who is Jason Robo? Comedian Calls Woman Officials Aunt Jemima and Monkey in Racial Rant (video)

Jason Robo, a comedian, was dropped from weekly radio gig and several shows, after his profanity laden racial rant during San Diego board of supervisors meeting went viral on social media. The anti-vaxxer also asked one of the board members to commit suicide.

Following the viral video, Robo was fired from his unpaid job at Redwood community radio station KMUD Garberville and was blacklisted from performing at the Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego.

Jason Robo
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Meeting Was About Coronavirus Related Updates

During the meeting, the board members provided updates regarding the emerging cases of COVID-19, hospitalizations, transmission rates, and the importance of vaccination.

According to the Daily Beast Robo, after expressing his displeasure over pandemic and vaccine, lashed out at the board members. Addressing board supervisor Nora Vargas, a Latina, Robo said, "Vargas, I can't wait for your arteries to clog. They're not doing it fast enough."

Telling board supervisor Nathan Fletcher to commit suicide, Robo said, "And Nathan [Fletcher], you should kill yourself. ... A dishonorable discharge would be you blowing your brains out." He even called Terra Lawson-Remer, a supervisor, a little monkey. "[Terra] Lawson-Remer, I like to call you a little monkey. I'd like to see you hang from a tree," he added.

Attacking county's public health officer Dr. Wilma Wooten, a Black, Robo said, "Wooten, you're a f**king Aunt Jemima. Syrup on sweet will cause your diabetic—"

It was at this point when Vargas asked Robo to apologize to Wooten. After he declined to do so he was removed from the podium by the security.

Robo Loses Shows Following Rant

According to the Times of San Diego, radio station KMUD News Director Lauren Schmitt issued a statement stating that immediate action is being taken.

"The volunteer programmer in question has little to no direct relationship to the station, as their pre-recorded show is submitted. We would like to be clear that their opinions do not reflect our values. While these statements were made on an outside platform, we have begun the discussion into their future as a volunteer... While we understand the importance of free speech, we recognize the difference between that and hate speech," the statement read.

Robert Lariviere, founder of Mad House Comedy Club, also issued a statement revealing that they will not allow Robo to perform on any show. "We are an uncensored comedy club. We are politically neutral as a business. However, 'uncensored' is not a green light to be racist. We have a diverse group of employees we love. We have a diverse group of performers we love. We have a diverse group of customers we love. We stand with all of them and will not allow Mr. Robo to perform on any show at the Mad House including the open mic," read the statement, according to the outlet.