UCLA Lineman Jay Toia Calls Female Students 'B**ch' in Abusive Rant, Threatens to Slap Them

Jay Toia, UCLA lineman, was slammed online after his profanity laden video of threatening women by blocking them in an elevator went viral on social media. The outburst cost Toia his NIL sponsorship with apparel brand Campus Mogul after the video surfaced.

A four-star recruit, Toia initially committed to USC, but later moved to UCLA following their spring practices. Being a backup on the UCLA team he has three tackles so far this season.

Jay Toia
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Toia Asked If Any of the Students Went to USC

The nearly minute-long NSFW video begins with Toia seen blocking the exit of an elevator that has a couple of women dressed in Halloween costumes. When a female asks if they could leave, Toia responds by saying, "No, I'll slap a b**** too." Then the player asks if any of the students in the elevator went to USC. On being told that they attend UC-Santa Barbara, Toia threatens them again.

In a joint statement issued by UCLA head coach Chip Kelly and Athletic Director Martin Jarmond, said that they were aware of the recent video.

"We're aware of a recent video in which a student-athlete made disparaging remarks. This was inappropriate and not in line with our values and expectations. As such, we are taking disciplinary action and working with campus partners to assist with education for the student," the statement read.

Social Media Enraged, Demands Action

The video invited the wrath of the social media users who demanded that strict action should be taken against the erring player.

"Our take on Jay Toia: Hand out a suspension, educate him and move on. Toia's actions were inexcusable but as a college aged kid, there's no need to ruin his life- no prior incidents with him, nobody was hurt and he can grow from this," tweeted a user.

"BACKUP Player Jay Toia with only THREE tackles all season. BUT BIG TOUGH GUY INTIMIDATING WOMEN. PATHETIC PUNK!" wrote another user.

"Congrats UCLA football doing the impossible! Tuff guy Jay Toia smackin down UCSB girls & GREAT sportsmanship over in "Tha Wood" shown by ex Bruin Mil'Von James! Wow guys, making USC look good in comparison, thank you man! No easy task. Was Rugg's a Bruin? No, dang," expressed a user.