Who is Jason Chapdelaine? Firefighter Charged with First-Degree Murder for Allegedly Stabbing Girlfriend 40 Times

Chapdelaine was also seriously wounded and unresponsive by self-inflicted injuries after the assault.

Jason Chapdelaine, 52, stood accused of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, Eileen Monaghan, 48. The incident, marked by tragedy, unfolded with Chapdelaine allegedly inflicting around 40 stab wounds on Monaghan before attempting suicide.

Jason Chapdelaine

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Chapdelaine, known for his Grim Reaper tattoo, appeared for arraignment at Holyoke District Court. His next court appearance is slated for May 13. Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni revealed distressing details, stating Monaghan was found with severe stab wounds while Chapdelaine was unresponsive due to self-inflicted injuries. Prompted by a 911 call from a security guard, Hampden County sheriff's deputies intervened swiftly.

An autopsy report confirmed Monaghan's death resulted from "sharp instrument wounds and blunt force trauma," with approximately 40 wounds across her head, torso, and arms, officially deemed a homicide.

The arrest report shed light on Chapdelaine's state during arrest, indicating he was found with a belt around his neck, attached to his Toyota Tacoma's grab-handle, suggesting a suicide attempt. Allegedly, Chapdelaine placed a 911 call expressing remorse before officers' arrival.

Eileen Monaghan, the victim, had familial ties to law enforcement, being the daughter of a retired HCSO maintenance supervisor. Described as a mother of two, her untimely demise has deeply affected the community.

Chapdelaine, a firefighter by profession, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He remains incarcerated without bail at Franklin County House of Correction, awaiting further investigation into the tragic events.